Baby Photo Books – Maternity, Newborn and birthday celebrations

Creating a baby photo book is a wonderful keepsake that you and your family will cherish forever. Whether it is for your newborn baby girl or baby boy or celebrating those wonderful years that go by way to fast, designing your own photo books that capture those moments will help to make time slow down whilst reminiscing through the chapters of their precious lives. Let us help you to capture your baby’s first birthday or all your baby’s firsts! Whichever memories you want to include in your photo book, the themes and ideas are endless! Savor each milestone that you have already captured of your little one; a great way for them to look back on their journey as well.

personalized baby photo album

Suggestions on creating a beautiful gift for your baby:
Photo Book Cover

The cover of your baby’s photo book shows the joy of what’s to come before the book is even opened! One of the most popular types of book covers used for a baby’s book is the Printed Hardcover Photo Book and we have three special ways for you to display that favorite photo of your baby!

creating baby's first year photo book with FlipChap
Cover Option/

Cameo Printed Hardcover

Celebrate the newest addition to your family by having their cute picture on the cover, framed by our luxurious linen material. We have an endless amount of different colors for you to choose from, including our special baby book materials, Icing Cupcake and Pumpkin Pie!

family photo book filled with special memories and holidays
Cover Option/

Classic Fusion Hardcover

We don’t blame you if you want your precious baby girl or baby boy gracing the front cover of your photo book but we do know that some of you just love to have that linen fabric feel too! This is where we offer you the best of both worlds! Your stunning baby on the front and beautiful linen wrapped around the back.

creating baby’s first year photo book
Cover Option/

Printed Hardcover

Sometimes we just have too many perfect pictures to choose from that having only one picture for the cover is not enough and we understand this dilemma perfectly. If this sounds familiar, we suggest opting for our normal printed hardcover as this will allow you to have a maximum of 9 photos displayed for your cover!

The Heartfelt Title

Your photo book deserves a sweet name to it! When selecting the Printed Hardcover Photo Book, you are able to add your title to the spine. A few suggestions we have, besides your baby’s perfect name, are:-

• Our Precious Angel • Our Bundle of Joy • My First Year • Welcome Home • The Day you were Born • Our Little One • Special Delivery • A Gift from Above • Special Book of Firsts

Handmade Presentation Boxes:
The Flexi Slip

Our handmade boxes are truly their name, completely handmade to fit your customizable photo book. There are no two alike, just like your bundle of joy! We recommend the best handmade box for any of these 3 photo books to be the The Flexi Slipcase.

matching handmade box and photo album perfectly displayed on bookcase
matching handmade box and photo album perfectly displayed on bookcase
Box Option /

The Flexi Slipcase

The five-sided box will keep your photo book on your book shelf to be easily accessible and provide protection when stood up in the bookcase. Now you can stunningly store your album vertically or horizontally.

documenting childhood with baby photo book

Photo Album for Maternity and Baby Photo Shoots

We know, especially for first time mothers, that being pregnant for the first time is an exciting and new chapter in your life! Having a maternity photo shoot has become extremely popular and you need to have the best home for these stunning photos!

maternity photo shoot
baby’s first photo shoot
newborn baby photo shoot

This is equivalent to having your first baby photo shoot; the first family portraits together as new parents. Normally arranged when your baby is only a month old as these little darlings are so small and flexible to angle perfectly, making it the best time for your newborn to be placed into those cute poses you have been looking at all over social media. Now it’s your turn! Of course these photos need the perfect home to be displayed in!

Create your own Photo Album
to celebrate this exciting
and new chapter

print family photo shoot pictures into a photo album

The perfect maternity and baby photo album!

The Leatherette Photo Album is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a stunning presentation. Whether you have just had your maternity photo shoot or your baby’s first photo shoot together with your partner, this heirloom-quality album is meant to last a lifetime and is the perfect home for your beautiful photos.

Seamless Visual Experience

Our special binding technique allows your images to stretch across two full pages when open for a seamless panoramic view with no disruptive seams between the pages.

create your family photo shoot pictures into a photo book with FlipChap

Colorful Leatherette Choice

A texture that looks and feels like genuine leather, but available in an eco-friendly way. Our leatherettes have luxurious grain texture with exceptional durability. Available in 8 hand-picked colors, such as Buttermilk, Azure, Hyacinth and Lemonade, that will wrap your photo album delightfully.









jujube new!

azure new!

hyacinth new!

lemonade new!

mandarin new!

Optional Customization/


To create a more personal and one-of-a-kind photo album, choosing the perfect title is the cherry on top! You can choose our favorite Default Debossing titles ‘My Precious’ or ‘Happy Moments’ to grace the covers. To make the photo album more personal, you can choose our Custom Debossing and add the name of your little one or the date on when they were born. The choice is completely up to you when customizing your photo album.

personalize your photo album with custom debossing

Handmade Presentation Boxes:
The Artisan Lift

A superior display to keep your beloved moments secured yet still stunning! To pair perfectly with your Leatherette Photo Album, we recommend The Artisan Lift Box; the ultimate in both presentation and protection to your keepsake.

your photo album with debossing safely stored in a handmade box
the artisan lift box handmade and with USB compartment
Box Option /

The Artisan Lift

The sturdy fabric keepsake box has a lift-off lid, finished with a wide silk ribbon to help to lift up your book, and is intended to last for generations. Handcrafted. No two exactly alike.

celebrate your newborn baby with your very own baby photo album

Creating a photo book or photo album for your beloved child is to not only be able to look back on all the moments you can look back on whilst they grow up (hopefully not too fast), but it also creates an emotional bond for your whole family. A wonderful keepsake to share with loved ones and to produce memories that last forever!