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Barbie & Ken photo shoot idea and inspiration

Once in your lifetime, you shall live in a barbie world!

Live it up in front of the camera, these barbie photo shoot ideas will come in handy.

You may not be featured in the barbie movie, but at least you could have your best barbie moment captured and printed a barbie photo book!

best photo book for barbie theme like the movie
barbie model in a barbie box photo shoot

1. Barbie Box photo shoot

Strike a barbie post in the barbie box, because you’re unique and there is only one available in store!

Do consult with your photographer to check if they have a barbie box ready. If they don’t perhaps they are happy to prepare one for you.

2. Barbie vibrant color theme

The undeniably barbie thing is the vibrant color that are always featured, even in the barbie movie! Their clothes, car, background, literally everything is colorful!

colorful and vibrant color photography for barbie theme

Pink, purple and blue and many other color will work its magic!
Some photographer may have a pink or pastel color backdrop, it will fit your barbie theme.

3. Barbie diversity, be yourself

barbie supporting diversity asian model

Did you watch the ‘Barbie’ film? Indeed, diversity is the key! All hair colors and ethnicity are well represented, because barbie isn’t just all about the porcelain face and blonde hair. Be your own kind of Barbie!

barbie supporting diversity black model

4. Workout Gym Barbie

Don’t expect barbie is all about cooking in the house and wearing makeup waiting for Ken.
Barbie work hard to stay healthy and fit.
Sweat it!

work out active sporting barbie

professional working barbie style

5. Professional working Barbie

You do work hard for the money, and it doesn’t come easy for sure!
The good news is that, you could get a glamorous barbie shot on your work

6. Invite Ken & his friends

You shall invite your Ken to the photo shoot too! It doesn’t have to be all about you, Barbie have some friends, bring them along! It will be much more colorful and fulfilling as a team.

colorful outfit group of friends photography
colorful outfit group of diverse ethnic friends photography
young and colorful friends posing for photograph

7. Barbie model with barbie dolls

Barbie model with barbie dolls, truly a barbie package!

mom and daugther with barbie dolls

8. Retro photo shoot in barbie style

Back to the classic, with the retro theme.
If you could, feature a colorful vintage car, an iconic scene for barbie. Dress yourself with the colorful 60s kind of feel!

retro barbie theme photography

9. Family barbie photo shoot

Barbie do get married and build a family too!
At least you do! This will be an iconic family portrait ever.

two child with toys photo shot
family portrait outdoor with colorful outfit

barbie supporting diversity asian model
toddler are happy in a party photo
old couple still feeling young and energetic with colorful environment

Making a Barbie Photo Book

Now that you have your barbie photography ideas, you could get a professional photographer to do the job for you!
Remember to ask the photographer to send you the photo in the highest resolution.
These photo will appear crisp and vibrant in print.

coloful photos of teeneagers in a photo book trying to mimick barbie movie

Printed image-wrap Photo book and Hardcover Linen Photo book, are most suited for a barbie photo book, and are highly recommended!

create your barbie photo book


No, you have to contact your photographer first, to determine if they have the barbie box prepared. Generally, photographer who do barbie photo shoot will have the barbie box ready. Perhaps you shall talk to your photographer on this requirement, and they may even prepare that for you.

Yes, both our digital and HD printer able to print the iconic vibrant color of barbie theme. Our digital printer has optimization to bring out the color. It is best to have ‘vivid gloss’ lamination on your book cover, to make it more poppin’!

Our linen hard cover photo book is the best choice for any barbie photo shot. You can have up to 120 pages and the vibrant color is best printed with the digital printer bizhub PRO C71hc-Konica Minolta.

Yes, you can print with a lower cost package. Do contact our sales team at sale@flipchap.com for a bulk printing discount.

It will be be kept for 45 days from your last edit, which is sufficient for most user to design a photo book. If you need more time to design your book, just logon into the editor and click the save button at the top right corner. The 45 days will be reset, as your last edit time and date has changed to the concurrent one.

Yes, we do stamping/deboss on both Photo book/album cover & handmade box too.

Yes, we do custom stamping/deboss, just send us the .png file of the design. However, we will access the design to determine the stamping feasibility. Lines that are too thin below 3mm or design that are too complex may not be suitable for stamping or deboss.

No! there will no flipchap logo in your photo book, photo album and handmade boxes.

We have variety of book cover types, and 43 kind of materials to wrap it. Other than this, you can choose customization such as: inlay finishing, mount board color, book cover thickness, end sheets, headband color, ribbon color, frosted fly page, and many more.

Yes, we make Layflat album with thick and resilient board, in fact it’s the most favored for wedding & elopement album.

For non-layflat photo book, we print on (2) types of paper i.e. Premium Satin Textured and Premium Silk White, with option to add Glossy or Matte lamination.
Layflat photo album always comes with either Glossy or Matte lamination, on thick board.

Yes, indeed! Even our leatherette is made of high quality synthetic material, instead of animal skin.

8x11 portrait and 11x8 landscape are the most popular sizes for both Photo album and Photo book. Besides, we also offer: 5x7, 7x5, 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, 10x14, & 14x10. We do make handmade boxes that fit all our Photo album and Photo book sizes.

HD flushmount album is printed with Archival Ink printed by HD Inkjet HP DesignJet Z9, while other Layflat Photo album and Photo book are printed digitally by bizhub PRO C71hc-Konica Minolta.

Of course, the one with highest resolution with least processing. Our editor allows large file to be uploaded and store in our server without any size limit and time frame. What you see is what you get, if you uses photos that are grainy or blurry due to mechanical handling or editing, the print will reflect on that as well. Photo with low resolution and small sizes may not appear sharp in print neither.

Since all our products are handmade, generally, in non peak season it may take up to (1) week time, but during peak season it may take up to (2) weeks time. Customization with Custom logo or special requested design for Stamping/Deboss, will take another extra of (2) weeks time on top of the aforementioned timeline.

Layflat Photo album have the pages hand mounted on black or whiteboards and lay perfectly flat to create seamless two pages spread with no gutter loss. It allows the photographer photos to run elegantly across two pages perfect for panorama or landscape photography. Distinctively a 180 degree view, you don’t even need to hold it to have it laid flat for viewing.

It’s a non-lay flat book, photo books present any project you create to feel more like a traditional book. Our Hardcover Photo Book Hardcover Photo Book extremely versatile and fully customizable we offer more than 10 custom options. For a book that speaks volume, it showcases your photos up to 120 pages. Fill up as many photos as you want! It’s the perfect way to relive your weekend getaway, travel or baby memories and keep your digital photos safe before its gone! A good idea for quick personalized gifts for birthdays, graduation friends and family! For inspirations and tips how to create the perfect book for that certain occasion.

HD Flush Mount Album is the finest in any of our products and exceptional in every way! Originated as high-end heirloom wedding albums, differed from regular photo album using the highest definition printing technology. Your images are printed in the highest resolution, sharper and smoother! Hand-bound on thicker flush mount board with archival Grade HP Ink and Paper offers durability for years to come. The elite preference for your special occasion wedding or art exhibition to making a beautiful print of your most exceptional and precious moments.

Yes, you can make your own photo book and photo album, in our editor that is available in our website. You can upload and design your own photo book online, easily at your own convenience with stickers and backgrounds that are free for you to use. Unleash your creativity in designing the book with all the free tools available.

In the product page, you can choose the: cover type, linen or leatherette color, pages, paper type, ribbon, cover stamping or deboss, etc. One of the most favored way to personalize a photo book is to have your name or message stamped or debossed on the book cover. You can choose gold, silver, rose gold or red color foil for linen fabric cover stamping too.

Wedding photo album is the most popular and printed layflat photo album in flipchap, followed by elopement and boudoir photo album or photo book. Most of our member photographer print these theme of album, in fact our non-photographer customers love to print these kind of photo books too. Other than this, the notable theme are memorial, pet, travel, family and friends.