Everything you need to know about the dudeoir photo book and why you need one

The boudoir photo album is a very well known and popular photo shoot done by women, especially as a groom’s gift. In recent years, the men have decided to step up and want to do similar shoots as well, now known by photographers as the dudeoir photo shoot. Showing up onto the pop culture scene in 2013 on GQ magazine, this new craze is becoming more and more of a hit and it may just be something you want to try too!

This new photo shoot is a way for men to show off their sensuality, just like how the women do so in their sexy lingerie boudoir photo shoots. A very popular photo shoot, especially at the end of the year, to raise more for charity with the famous fireman calendars. Lads, now is the time to get comfortable in your body in all its glory and create your own dudeoir photo book!

Create a Dudeoir Photo Book

Top reasons why you need a dudeoir photo album

To some, this phenomenon may seem a bit silly but to us, there are many great reasons why this will be one of the best ideas you have decided to do. Dudeoir photo shoots are professionally done with a photographer and are tasteful yet still show your style! There are many reasons why you should get one done today!

The best gift for your bride

The Ultimate Bride’s Gift

For the groom-to-be, just like the boudoir photo book, the dudeoir photo book can be exactly the same but featuring you and giving a special bride gift! How amazing would it be for her to receive this once-in-a-lifetime special book on your wedding day! It is definitely different from the jewelry, which you can also get by the way, but this special book can be for her eyes only and she will definitely be a blushing bride walking up the aisle!

Special gift for your loved one

A special gift for your partner

Creating a dudeoir photo album for your special someone will be an exceptional gift. It is definitely unique and we can guarantee a smile will certainly take place! Especially if your lovable qualities is your confidence or even your sense of humor. A wonderful idea to celebrate birthdays, anniversary, or for the reason of wanting to make your partner happy.

Instead of your significant other drooling over Michael B. Jordan or Chris Hemsworth, why not recreate the same poses as them or even better poses with your own spin. It will definitely show a different side of you that will be truly cherished.

Creating a dudeoir photo album for your special someone will be an exceptional gift.

Sexy dudeoir photo shoots

Time capsule for your hard work

For anyone that has taken the time and hard work to the gym to get themselves to a healthier version of themselves, it is amazing to have a special photo book to be able to showcase all of that effort. A photo book that you can fully express yourself and look back on to be proud of. You reached your goal and never gave up!

It is a life achievement that should be remembered for years to come and you will definitely appreciate it, especially during your granddad years.

Dudeoir photography

Specially themed occasion

Having a dudeoir photo shoot that is based around a particular theme will, let’s be honest, be really fun! It can be for a special Christmas present or even a fun Fall or Spring shoot (just imagine pumpkins, Halloween and flowers!) Even 4th of July celebrations or St. Patrick’s Day!

There are some awesome holidays to create fun-themed dudeoir photo books, especially if these holidays are close to someone special’s birthday.

Dudeoir photo album

Get a gift that is different yet what your loved one will absolutely love

The dudeoir photo book, as well as Themoir, Enboir, or Otheroir, may be a new trend but it is definitely growing in interest due to it being intriguing and new. It is something different that you can give to your loved one or even for yourself. Whatever the reason is, we know for sure you are going to have a fantastic time during the process and most importantly, have fun and focus on your goal, your reason for doing this amazing photo shoot.


Dudeoir Photo Album Policy

Our dudeoir photobooks are made exactly how all our photobooks are made; handmade and with absolute care! Your privacy and confidentiality is important for us and we want to make sure that you receive the perfect gift you have designed, as well as following our guidelines. These images will never be used by our website or published to promote our services. We do expect a hint of nudity in your pictures but we do not accept or will print dudeoir books that are vulgar or pornographic. We advise you to keep your photos classy and sexy, with your intimate parts completely covered and not see-through. Teasing is the key!

Upon receiving your album, you can opt for a full project deletion. This can include having your whole project deleted in the server, in any backup servers, and photo deletion. Please email us to confirm your project deletion.

This is a special time for you and your loved one and we want to make sure that both of you enjoy this wonderful gift that is made with love! We invite you to start creating!