Why having an engagement photo album is a must have!

You have to admit, since we were young, one of the most exciting questions we can’t wait to hear is “Will you marry me?” We dream about this day, on how it will happen, where, and with whom! For both the person being asked this special question and the person saying these crucial words, this is a day you want to remember forever!

After you’ve answered ‘YES’, the next event you must start to plan out is actually not the wedding (we bet that is what you were thinking off) but it is the photo shoot of your dreams, the engagement photo shoot! The best time to have these photos taken is 1-2 months after the proposal as this gives you time before the wedding planning gets busy!

Beach Proposal

Top Reasons to have an Engagement Photo Shoot

It is now common for couples to have an entire photoshoot dedicated for the engagement, and why not! There are many reasons to have these important pictures of the couple and how it can actually help with very important aspects needed for your special day.

1. Designing your photo shoot

One of the best reasons for the fantastic photo shoot is for this very reason, it is your photo shoot! You both decide on what outfits you want to have, the hairstyles, theme, location, everything! You even work with your own team that you both choose.

One important tip for the outfits is that they need to be comfortable yet fabulous! Don’t feel like you both need to have matching outfits as well. You can both showcase your own styles that yet compliment each other as a dynamic duo.

Style your photoshoot

You can choose as many outfits as you want as well and for those that are on a budget, you can even rent the outfits! If you have a specific theme, this is a fun way for the both of you to explore it together. Also, do not forget the accessories as they are key, especially your engagement ring!

Design Your Engagement Photo Book
Baby Bump Journey
Baby Bump Journey

Bridal Makeup & Hairstyle

A tip for future brides to be, test out different hairstyles and makeup before the big day! Find a hair stylist to give you fabulous hair and a MUA who will slay your makeup!

For the future brides, don’t forget that you can also test makeup looks and hairstyles during this process. If you are hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day, you can test out the makeup looks to see just how comfortable you feel with it and what would need to be changed for the wedding day. This is the same for your hairstylist. The photos are also great for you to see how the pictures turn out as a full ensemble and what will match with your wedding outfits too.

There is a difference between seeing the work in print and experiencing it live.

2. Destination photo shoot

Choosing the destination is definitely an important decision you will make together because there are many stunning places you can have this done. You can choose to keep the location local and feature a place that has a meaningful memory to it, such as the place where you had your first date, or the spot you first said ‘I love you’. Some couples take this as an opportunity to go away to have the shoot, sometimes even to a different country!

Destination Photoshoot
Tips Of Places To Have Your Destination Engagement Photo Shoot

It can be a destination that you both love to visit together or it could be the perfect backdrop for your photo shoot, such as a breath-taking mountain view or a flower field followed by a botanical garden. The world is literally your oyster and there are so many beautiful destinations you can visit for this once in a lifetime shoot. Then you can also turn it into a fun getaway!

Even a beach themed backdrop or a majestic castle is heavenly!

Print Your Stunning Proposal Photos

3. Engagement photos for the wedding ceremony

These important images are usually used for the official engagement announcement, whether it is privately sent to your loved ones or printed in a local newspaper or alumni newsletter. They are also used as part of the ‘Save-the-date’ and invitation cards, and designing your wedding website.

It is a time that showcases both of you as a couple outside of the main wedding event and your guests can enjoy and flip through these captured moments of both of you as an excited engaged couple before welcoming you as newlyweds.

Wedding Decoration
Welcome Sign Wedding Board
Engagement Photo Album For Your Wedding Display

Wedding centerpiece

Most importantly, these fantastic photos of you as a couple will be very important decor at your wedding. Displayed as the centerpiece of the welcome table, where your guests will also be signing the wedding guest book ,will be your engagement photo album.

Create a wedding guestbook

4. Being more comfortable with your photographer

This photo shoot will also help the both of you to feel more comfortable with the photographer and see how they work. This is the best time to see their style of photography and whether it fits your own. We know you have seen their portfolio but seeing how you both look with their color settings and angles will be good practice and anything you don’t particularly love or anything new you would like to try; this is the best time to ask. You won’t be able to re-do your wedding day so having this time as a testing ground helps you to prepare for the main event coming up.

Fun at the Photo Shoot

This photoshoot is an occasion that both of you design together and capture this stress free and fun time!

Couples Photo Shoot
Engagement and Wedding Photographer
Above all, make sure you have fun with it.

5. Learning your best angles

During your wedding day, there is going to be a ton of photos being taken of the both of you and it is very important that you are not only comfortable with being in front of the camera but also knowing the best angles for you. One of the best ways to know your best profile shot is during the engagement photo shoot.

Photographer For Engagement Photo Shoot

Getting the perfect shot

This is the best time to ask your photographer for tips on posing and testing out the shots. A good photographer will be able to make you feel so comfortable in front of a camera that you will both feel like superstars!

This photoshoot is most likely the first, official shoot you have both taken as a couple starting their new chapter together.

Photographer For Engagement Photo Shoot

We promise it will be beautiful and memorable!

Tips for the Perfect Proposal

With the aid of fantastic photographers and technology, being able to capture the proposal with all the genuine emotions showing is perfect to include in your special book. For those who are popping the question, do figure out whether you would prefer to have this special moment captured either by a loved one who can help you with the planning, or a professional photographer who knows exactly how to capture events like this.

For example, Chris is a remarkable photographer who was able to position the future bride-to-be and captured the very moment she turned around, seeing her now fiancé down on one knee (honestly this is a must-see video to watch!)

Need an elegant box for the ring? Have the ring of your loved one’s dreams displayed in a handcrafted Artisan Ring Box wrapped in your partner’s favorite linen color! It will make the experience more personalized. Purely unique and the superb way of starting the finest wedding package you both deserve!

Create Artisan Ring Box Create A Ring Box For Your Proposal
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Important events you can include in your engagement photo album

There is much more you can include in your photo book than just your photos from your photo shoot. Including photos from all the parties such as your engagement party, bridal shower, and possibly the bachelor and bachelorette party are both unforgettable and fun to add in.

Showcase Your Engagement Ring
Bridal Shower

Including the photos from these events will also showcase the very special people in your life and those that helped you with not just planning these events but also a main player in helping to plan and give ideas for the wedding. You can also then gift this photo book to them as a special thank you.

The engagement period is an exceptional time for a couple and all these important shots taken will continue to be remembered and brought to life with your engagement photo album. This is the first promise you have made to each other and this special album is a reminder of how far you have come as a couple and the beginning of your happily ever after.

All these important shots taken will be brought to life with your engagement photo album

A Photo Album Every Finance Needs

To those who are about to propose, good luck and it is going to be magical! To couples who are now engaged, congratulations on this wonderful start to Happily Ever After and enjoy this time together!