The Ultimate Guide to Create the Perfect Pregnancy Photo Album

You’re pregnant!! First of all, congratulations and give me a moment while I wipe away my tears of joy! Ok, now I’m calm. You’re absolutely glowing with joy just like on your wedding day and whether this is your first child or your fourth, every pregnancy experience is still unique and a moment (or 9 months) to remember forever! We at FlipChap want to help you in giving you great ideas for creating the perfect maternity photo book so that every time you pick it up, it will bring you tears of joy.

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The reason you are here reading this is because you are thinking about creating one but have no idea how to start. This is where we are here to help! We’ve got you from A to Z! From the moment you took the pregnancy test (this can even be the first picture!) all the way to the day your little baby is born! All the topics you may want to include in your pregnancy photo book in order for it to contain all those wonderful pre-motherhood moments you shared with your loving partner and your family and friends!

9 months can fly by, but these precious moments will be beautifully preserved for you to show to your child when they are all grown up! This photo book isn’t only special for you, but also for your unborn baby.

Tipmester 1 - Your Baby’s Growth and Sonogram

How amazing would it be to showcase your new baby photo book that tells all about your child’s development before they were even born! We can be sure your kid is going to love it, and perhaps a book to showcase to their future partner and your grandkids. Together with your baby bump journey, it would be perfect to scan and add in those sonogram photos. Remember the first time you saw your baby on the screen? That truly is a magical moment that we are sure you want to relive again and now you can with your child all grown up!

Adding in smaller details using our text in our editor is also a great way for your baby to learn more about them such as their weight, anything special or weird food that you craved at a certain point of time (scrambled eggs with chocolate ice cream perhaps? True story!)

Memories from your ultrasound

Cute stories like the first time you found out the gender (finally cause your baby kept hiding their gender for so many previous visits). Other details to add in can be the ultrasound that showed your baby was waving at you or just smiling when in a deep sleep. These small moments and stories would be both wonderful to share between mummy and baby.

Your Baby’s Growth and Sonogram

Tipmester 2 - Baby Bump Journey

We are pretty sure you have been keeping track on your beautiful baby bump slowly growing over the last few months. This is perfect to include in your pregnancy book. If you haven’t started taking any photos yet, there is still time as your baby bump will grow.

Baby Bump Journey
Baby Bump Journey

Baby Bump Photography Tip

A great reason for taking baby bump photos is that you can even do it yourself in front of a mirror when you’re rocking out that cute bump. One tip we have to really showcase the growth is to wear the same outfit, choose comfortable and stretchy, and the same mirror.

You can also do the same pose but we also want you to have fun with it. Like a mini photo shoot with just you and your baby bump! Whether you want to showcase a weekly or monthly bump update or in the middle of one of your trimesters, your baby bump journey will showcase just how big your little one is growing!

Showcase your radiant glow in your pregnancy book!

Tipmester 3 - The Epic Baby Shower

The baby shower is one of the biggest celebrations you will have during your pregnancy and we are sure you have been looking forward to it since you first found out you are pregnant! Baby showers are normally held in the last trimester and are hosted by either your BFF with the help of your girl squad or close family members.

Fun tip to the BFF who is making this special book instead! If you are the one trying to create a secret group to organize the shower, ask the dad-to-be to be an admin so he can add in all the contacts that you may have missed out. He is also the great person to lead mummy to the secret party! Then if this is a female only event, don’t feel bad to kick him out! I am honestly sure he wouldn’t mind (right dads?).

For the mum-to-be

This is a special time for you to be pampered and to celebrate this very special time in your life! The cute presents you will get, the fun baby shower games like Baby Sketch Artists or Dirty Diapers (please look this game up because even though it sounds and looks gross, your guests will always be talking about it!).

The Epic Baby Shower

If you and your partner have opted for the more recently known Diapers and Wipes Party, whereby both parents are present for this event and it is a smaller, much casual affair, don’t forget to include pictures of this too! We can guarantee that all those that came for this party are your closest of friends and will most likely be your baby’s godparents and honorary aunts and uncles.

Add in all these captured moments into your pregnancy book because this is definitely an event you don’t want to forget!

The Epic Baby Shower

Tipmester 4 - Gender Reveal Party

The gender reveal party has truly taken the world by storm and has become more popular than even the baby shower. How wonderful is it to learn about your baby’s gender surrounded by your loved ones? It truly is a moment you won’t forget. But don’t forget to inform your doctor that you and your partner don’t want to know about the gender just yet! Make sure the answer is placed in an envelope and this special cargo has been given to someone you trust, preferably the person who will be hosting this event!

Popular types of gender reveal parties have included popping balloons or poppers blasting with either pink or blue confetti.

Gender Reveal Party
Gender Reveal Party

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

The most popular way is by having your favorite baker create a cake or cupcakes with the hidden color inside. You wouldn’t know until you cut inside! This is our favorite way of revealing (plus the yummiest and less messy!).

Although how amazing would it be if you had two poppers that had both colors to showcase you were having twins with both genders!

Were your friends’ team blue or team pink? You can divide your photos this way and would be a great way to layout those fantastic shots you took! Perfect to transport yourself back to that beautiful day!

Tipmester 5 - Baby Moon

The Baby Moon began to become more popular in the 1990s and represents the calm and uninterrupted time for both parents to spend some alone time before the baby comes. I guess you could call it another honeymoon!

The baby moon can also represent the last girls’ trip you take before motherhood arrives or even a couple’s vacation with your closest friends that involved a staycation nearby or a stunning trip overseas. Truly the memories to treasure!

Baby Moon

Wherever you went, we are sure you have stunning travel photos that you most definitely would love to see in print.

Tipmester 6 - Building the Nursery

Getting the nursery ready is one of the most important events you and your partner will be doing throughout your pregnancy and it would be fantastic to document the progress. An experience like this is a real bonding time as a couple and your first big decision as parents. This area is going to be your baby’s first home and we know you want to make it special.

You can add in unique moments such as building the beautiful crib, the changing table, the perfect color scheme or theme you chose together, and all the cute toys your family bought during the baby shower! It would be a wonderful way to tell the story when your child is older and for them to see just how excited you both were!

Baby Nursery Must-Haves!

Don’t forget to decorate the nursery with prints of the older siblings and the grandparents to showcase your family growing!

Building the Nursery
Building the Nursery

Tipmester 7 - Maternity Photo Shoot

Normally a maternity photo shoot is best taken between the 28 to 36 weeks mark as this will showcase the beautiful, round belly shape you now have plus you will feel more comfortable to still move around. If you are carrying twins or more, it is better to have this shoot around 24 weeks of your pregnancy. Don’t forget to bring your comfortable fitted maxi dress!

If you have opted to have a professional maternity photo shoot, these professional photos are a must to be printed! We suggest either the Layflat Photo Album or the HD Flushmount Albums as these albums will perfectly showcase the stunning photos your professional photographer has taken in a seamless way.

These photo shoots are not a must-have but they are a fantastic way to freeze that moment in time you had with your little one. It will be the first ever photo shoot you have together as a family.

Now that is a moment in time that you want to last forever.

Tipmester 8 - Picking the Baby Name

One of the most important choices new parents do is picking the name of your baby. We are sure you already know; this is no easy task! There are so many beautiful names but picking the perfect one does take time (and compromise perhaps). You could share the top 5 names you both had or if you did know exactly what name to pick, there must be a story behind that. Possibly the name you picked when you were a little girl yourself? A name you have loved forever? Small stories like this are still very significant to both the parents and the child and we can guarantee this will be a special bonding moment for all of you!

Alternative Names are a New Topic of Conversation

Picking the Baby Name
Picking the Baby Name

Recently people are learning about the names their parents almost gave them. It has become a great topic of conversation, wondering if that name would have suited them better or would their personalities have changed if it was different. This just shows just how important the name you give is.

Tipmester 9 - Daddy Stories

Let us not forget that your partner has had a big role during this pregnancy journey too. From rushing to get those midnight cravings or figuring out the birth plan such as which route is the best to get the hospital in time (taking trips just to time how fast he could get to the hospital) or making sure your bag is packed for the hospital (did you also need a special pillow?)

Funny Birthing Stories

You must include any funny birthing class stories you have like was he freaked out at learning how birth happens or both of you practicing first aid on each other. And now with lockdown and having to have those Lamaze online classes did he forget to put on pants whilst Zoom was on?

Funny Birthing Stories

We are sure these would be funny stories your child would love to know and how both of you worked as a team to prepare for this beautiful next chapter as a family. Even if all these stories weren’t documented in images, using our online editor and adding in small text with special quotes that sum up these stories makes the whole photo album more personal and extra special.

A fun way whilst you flip through all these different chapters to reminisce together as a family.

Tipmester 10 - The Day You Were Born

One of the best things when creating your baby photo book with FlipChap is that whichever part of your pregnancy journey you are on, you can start today and continue until after your baby is born. You don’t have to worry about the progress you have made with your book or any lost information. We will make sure all your hard work is stored and ready for you to pick up where you left.

The Day You Were Born
The Day You Were Born

Baby’s Day of Birth

You can add all the little details of the day your baby was born, such as any major events that may have happened on that day, celebrities that also share the same birthday, even the birth sign of your baby

But most importantly, you can add the very first picture you have when your little one is born. The perfect way to end your pregnancy story.

Baby’s Day of Birth

Congratulations again on your new,

growing family and enjoy this wonderful, new chapter in your life!

Creating your own pregnancy photo album will definitely be a beautiful keepsake album that you and your family will treasure forever. We hope these tips (or Tipmesters as we like to call it…Tips and Trimester combined. Get it?) helped and inspired you on getting started!