Top 10 best friend photo book ideas for ultimate friendship goals

We may not have the same blood running in our veins, but we definitely have the same best friends bucket list on our mind. That’s why we are friends who always spend time with each other and did a lot of crazy things together.

friends lying down together holding colorful balloons
book cover with photo of friends lying down together holding colorful balloons
photo book with memorable friends photo

What is your friendship goals? Ours will be, to bug on our friends forever and ever, to make them never able to forget us!

What photos can you use to make a photo book? Below are the photos idea that you can print in a stunning friendship photo book. This book is going to remind them, we will never leave them behind.

1. Childhood memories with friends

Many years have passed, and the memories are deeply rooted in your mind. Those are the time we are still innocent and we see the world with so much fantasy and dreams. Arguably one of our best moment in life, with our friends trying to experience the world on every possibilities.

unforgetablle childhood memories with friends in the park

The world is relatively new to us, and that we are still trying to understand it better, by experiencing together.

2. High School Bff moments

Forget about the high school mean girls and big bully. Do you still remember your high school best friends, who you always hangout with, since from grade 9?

The one you have pillow talk with, the one you practice basketball with? If you are still hanging out with them until now, then give yourself and your besties an applause! Do you want to know the 28 reasons why your high school friends are the best?

happpiest bff moments with friends photo printed in a photo book
memory of best prom night with high school friends
high school team cheers best performance outdoor
high school friends skate boarding outdoor in the park

Isn’t BFF is there for us forever?

3. Epic Adventures, Road Trip and Travel

What’s better than exploring fantastic places with a bunch of crazy friends? Capturing photograph is a must to do, thus for sure you have plenty of it! The memories of this crazy trip and adventures are priceless.

photo book cover with best friends photo like brothers
best friends on the peak of mountain viewing the landscape

Print it as a photo book will surprise your friends! It may even re-ignite the passion for a new adventure and could make a travel photo book too.

4. Party time

Friends always come together for any occasion, in fact we just have a reason to celebrate something and everything!

No matter is Birthday, Christmas, or getting a new job, friends gather and share the joy.

photo book cover gold foil hot stamping happy moments
best photo to print in photo books friends with wishing paper lantern

5. Most embarrassing moments

Sometimes a very embarrassing moments are capture by the camera by a pure chance of fate, just at the right moment. These get our friends laugh for a long time, even until we reach 80s, we are still an object of laughter. However, sometimes we just manage to intentionally create a scene that look kinda embarrassing

When have a look back
at it years later,
we still found it unbelievable,
that’s just so not us!

best moment with friends partying with cosplay that is funny

6. Our most favorite place

We may have many friends in our life, but to some of them, we have a special or a secret place that’s belong to us both or three. Can you recall that? Did you capture any photos together there? It is time to bring it out! It will be such a surprise when he or she saw it in a photo book! It could be the dent where we gather every Friday night, or a place we secretly bury something that we are going to dig it up after 10 years later.

childhood friends at their favorite place in a wooden built tree house

7. Casually friendly

Actually, we may found that most of our photos with friends are pretty casual. It just some wefies in the town or city. We are a group of people doing some normal thing in a casual mood, somehow it catches the real friendship.

We are a bunch of normal people living life together, and this worth remembering too.

best friends having great time with their walk on the streets

8. Bridesmaids & Groomsmen best photo

How could you move on into a marriage life without your bestie helping out to prepare for that? When you call out for your true friends, they will march to you like an army ready for an action.

bridesmaids and groommen photo book as a gift

This exciting and most touching moment shared with your friends are priceless. We have bridesmaids photo ideas for you too!


9. Through the years

How many of you are proud to say that you have a friend for 30 years? Some did, and their photograph not only tell a great deal of stories but also rich in emotions. A photo book can capture a 30 years of friendship, better than anything else you can find. Even a 10 years friendship is not an easy relationship to maintain, if you do, they are truly your soul mate.

young friends having a pillow fight in the living room
college friends rushing to the college in the morning
two old friends reminiscing their past of the good old memories

You are not my family.
You are an outsider, whom I treasure the most
Somehow you are my family

10. Friends: The Reunions

We may get separated with friends after some time, but what’s really matters is that we are able to meet again and rekindled! A lot of bitter sweet memories from the past is coming back to haunt us, follow by great flow of laughter and tears.

What is your friends reunions 10 of the best moments ever? You can feature these in the first few pages of friendship photo book, it will be a great intro of what is to come on the pages ahead.

friends reunion with a surprise appearance of long time missing friends
linen photo book as present for best friends with gold foil stamping and handmade keepsake box
photo book print with friends reunion photos
old friends and soulmate spending time with a long chat

Personalize your memory
in Photo Book

photo book prints with best friends happiest moments together in a summer holiday

Where to find photos for best friend photo books

You may have plenty of photos to use for your friend photo books, many could be of the past memories that has been buried in your phone gallery, old social media post, and some of the 4R photos from decades ago!

1. Instagram or Facebook posts or memories

We love to post our great moments with our love one and friends in social media throughout the years. Some is able to stunt us, as we must have done a lot of unbelievable things back to those days.

2. Cloud storage like icloud and google drive

There could be many other photos that you have or haven’t post in social media still remain in your cloud drive. Many more of those you forgot to delete. Those secrets, you may reveal now, especially those that you have done with your friends.

3. Scanned image from the year book or old photo

For those who were born in the early 90’s to before that, we use to capture our moments with film cameras, and have it printed in a 4R photo paper. This can be easily digitized by scanning it with a scanner at home or by professional scanning service. You can renew the printing by making a photo book, to combine the photos and re-tell your story!

Start Creating


Of course, the one that you snap with your friends! That moment that captured you together with friends is the most precious! No matter is indoor or outdoor, a yearly friends reunion or a doing something crazy. These photos are taken from phone camera mostly, but it reflect the realest moment with friends.

Try searching your phone gallery and cloud storage (icloud or google drive). Since photo with friends are mostly capture from phone camera, these are the best place to look for. You may be surprised that you have more photos with friends than you think.

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