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The Making of Our Layflat Photo Books

Unlike factory-made photobook, a handmade photobook is unique to their owner and us.

We take pride in our workmanship, passion and working with you to coming up with finely crafted book that matter to you for years to come. From sourcing material to making your book, each photobook is handcrafted with extraordinary care. Every step in the process of making your book, we take time and effort to check, arrange, print, cut, crease and fold your book all by hand.

Take a look at how each Layflat photobook is made.
1. Printing/color checking

Once we have received your order, multiple hands working together to check the files and proceed with printing. We pay great attention to detail, all the printed pages will go through first quality check.

2. Laminate

It's time to add beautiful lustre in every pages. Each page will be laminated for lasting quality with the choice of matte and gloss. While matte lamination offers a professional and elegant finish, gloss lamination catches the eye with high-contrast colors and beautiful sheen.

3. Creasing and folding

Each page of your book is manually folded and carefully creased in a handcraft process to ensure that your layflat book is as best as it possibly can be.

4. Measurement

Precision is the key when making your book. This step requires careful measurement for manual assembly of pages, so we can get a precise fit and beautiful book.

5. Hand-mounted

Prints are manually hand-mounted on ultra-thick board and carefully bound together by hand to ensure your book achieve an album-like quality.

6. Cutting

The cutting requires an incredible amount of accuracy and concentration. Three sides of the book are precisely trimmed to perfect size.

7. Add headbands

To add elegant touch to your book, decorative headbands has been carefully selected and placed to the spine edges.

8. Cover making

The cover is hand-bound in your printed image wrapped over hard, sturdy chipboard. A lot of efforts and times goes into in defining spine and smoothing the surface and edges by hand. You don't need to limit yourself to printed cover. We can create covers from fabric, linen and leather.

9. Case in

The step where hardcover and the inner pages join. Our skilled craftsmen uses strong adhesive to attach the cover, ensuring that your book is long-lasting, high quality.

10. Final Quality check

Finally, your book undergoes a strict quality check by our skilled team. Only the finest handmade book get to the end of the process.

11. Packaging

The book will be individually wrapped in our dust jacket and carefully packed in a handmade box that matches with your book cover for a better presentation and protection. Every book is unique, so our boxes have to be individually crafted to fit perfectly the form of your book. In the box, we will also include some personalized freebies that will surely put a smile on your face.

It takes more than 30 steps to make one finely handcrafted books. But we thought it
would be too boring to list it out all :)

Please note that different book has different making process, this process shown is mainly for layflat photobook only.