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Graduation Photo Books and Yearbooks

Congratulations all seniors! You did it! All that time burning the midnight oil, struggling to find the balance between studying yet not having FOMO, the blood, sweat, and tears has all come down to this very day! Graduation! And we can all agree that it was all worth it.

All the memories you shared, the friendships you have made to last a lifetime, those life lessons that have made you become the best version of yourself, have all helped you to be ready to take on this new chapter in your life. It’s a period of time in your life that you will never forget and what better way to carry those memories with you then in your own year book!

graduation photo books ideas

Each page will represent that moment of time that only you and your friends will remember. Those legendary nights out, spontaneous day trips to blow off steam, your teachers and mentors that you now call your friends, football games that were always amazing to be at whether the team won or lost, school plays or concerts you spent hours rehearsing for, the thrill of rush week, the fun pranks you did on one another that were lucky enough to be caught on your phone, passionate fundraising for all those charity causes you fight for, clowning around in the library even though you were supposed to be studying, PTA meetings that you dreaded going too, preparing for the debate team or chess club championship, and even those butterfly-stomach feeling (but wonderful feelings) of prom. The memories that you have are endless!

yearbook photos

Whether you're graduating High School, College, or University, this is the perfect book to end this marvelous chapter and celebrate. As recent Elon University graduate Amy Rauch explains, "It's so incredible to have something that is tangible and sums up my senior year!"

Tips on How to Make a Memorable Graduation Photo Album

1. Name or create a Theme for your Photo Book


There are many themes you can use for this special photo book. It can be based on 'Your Senior Year' or your 'Friends for Life', or how the whole experience was 'Legendary'. You can even go as simple as naming your album 'Graduation Day'. The choices for your cover are endless with our Letter Press Stamping option, writing on the Spine or just printing text with an image to represent your final year!

2. Choose Your Images.

Once you know what your title or theme is, you can easily pick your photos. You can create your album in a chronological order or from the specific moments.

spring break photos

From the trips you made, the parties like Halloween, Spring Break, campus functions such as the final debate or football game, Prom, that moment when you all graduate in your gowns and throw your graduation caps in the air, any memorable event that happened throughout your final year. This will be a great time to relive your moments with your loved ones too. No one can ever take those memories away from you.

yearbook ideas
create a classic hardcover photo book for graduation of university

4. The Classic Linen Material

photo books for graduation

With 6 different Linen Materials to choose from to grace your cover, it can feel quite overwhelming! However, with more choices, there is a classic color that is just for you! For a more sophisticated and subtle color, opt for these beautiful colors such as Sesame, Dove, Beige or Ivory. For that pop of color with an energetic feel, opt for colors such as Rum Raisin, Evergreen, Caribbean or Maple. Let the cover represent you!

Choose your graduate colors

Choose the recommended color that suits you the best. The photo book cover can match your graduation sash, graduation stole or your overall personality.

rum raisin

rum raisin new!


evergreen new!


caribbean new!


maple new!









5. Special Messages

A graduation book would not be complete if it didn’t have a special section where all your classmates, faculty members and even your family can write their messages, quotes, signatures, Instagram handle, or even drawings for you.

We recommend leaving at least 6 of the last pages blank, giving the pages headings and even using our cool stickers to design the pages. Having these important pages with a simple background with help you to make sure that no messages get lost in the design. With everyone going on their new paths, being able to read back their words to you will guarantee to put a smile on your face.

yearbook quotes

6. Books for the Whole Squad

You and your BFFs did everything together! Why not create a fantastic memorabilia where all of you can treasure forever. Having this beautiful and matching keepsake for everyone in your group will help you all to feel that you never left each other’s side. No matter where you all go from here on out, your squad will always be physically connected with the same yearbook filled with all these fond memories.

yearbook quotes
: professional handmade box for yearbooks

7. Make it a Set

For an important memorabilia, your photo book deserves to be kept safe and secured in its own handmade box.

yearbook printing

Owning the Flexi Slipcase would make a great companion for either the Printed or Classic Hardcover Photo Book. If you are choosing the Classic Hardcover, your handmade box can have the same matching linen. Having the complete set will look perfect either on your coffee table or bookshelf. Rest assured it will be safe within its uniquely designed box and ready when you want to take a walk down memory lane.

This may be a new chapter in your life but with your own, fully customizable photo book, you will be able to relive those wonderful and cherished memories for a lifetime!

Video Review of Our Graduation Photobook

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About Amy Rauch

Amy is a lifestyle and fashion YouTuber and loves traveling, fashion and coffee. Amy just graduated from Elon University. Congratulations to all the graduates! Check out her YouTube channel at

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