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Artisan Lift Boxes

The Artisan Lift Boxes are the ultimate in both presentation and protection to your keepsake. Fully Handcrafted. No two exactly alike.

Options include / box type, orientation, size & material of choices.

handmade boxs, perfectly crafted

The Box Type

box type

Box / The Artisan Lift Box
Material/ Linen

Artisan Lift Box

The basic option

Elegant keepsake boxes with lift-off lid design and study construction provides protection against dirt and dust. Wrapped in your choice of fabric or linen materials, the box is finished with a silk ribbon to help lifting your book up.

box options

Box / The Artisan Lift Box + USB
Material / Linen
(USB is not included)

Artisan Lift Box + USB

The advanced option

The Artisan Lift Boxes with USB are the ultimate in both presentation and protection to your keepsake, intended to be as special as the memories within it. Perfect for storing album, photo book and as well as other important items.

handmade box with stamping

Box / The Artisan Lift Box + USB + DVD
Material / Leatherette Ebony
(Photobook for illustration purpose)

Artisan Lift Box + USB + DVD

The full package option

This Box come with 2 additional compartment, behind the lid of the box store a DVD compartment and the USB storage located on the right side of the box.

Boxes can be crafted to fit any book size, just let us know your book size.

Custom Sized Boxes

Let us know the dimension of your book, and we will craft the box to accomodate your book!

Maximum Dimension:
Square box: 8.5 x 8.5 x 1.5 inch
Landscape and Portrait box: 8.5 x 11.5 1.5 inch
Note: We currently do not craft boxes that exceed that stated dimension.

Extra Large or Even Extra Small Customization Boxes? Contact Us!

We can customize almost any sizes! Please contact to further discuss your requirement. See examples below.

When we say handmade, we mean it.

Elegantly Secured

Custom sizing to hold your book in place. The lift-off lid design secures your book with the utmost elegance while protecting your most treasured memories within it.

Sturdy fabric keepsake boxes with lift-off lid, finished with a wide silk ribbon to help lifting your book, intended to last for generations.
Handcrafted. No two exactly alike.

Structural Support

Elegantly crafted keepsake boxes with extra strength and sturdy construction against wear and tear, intended to last for generations.

Easy Access To Content

Finished off with a wide silk satin ribbon, making lifting your book from the box simple for you. The ribbon can be chosen in variety of color to perfectly coordinate with your book design!

Linen Colors Swatches

These beautifully handcrafted boxes are available in an array of materials and colors to pick from.
Wrapped by hand, covered in our choice of linen and fabric materials.

beige linen material


carbon linen material


cream linen material


ginger material





























maple new!


smoke new!


ocre new!

rum raisin

rum raisin new!


evergreen new!


cocoa new!


granola new!


amethyst new!


caribbean new!

handmade box with ribbon color selection

Ribbon Colors

Within the interior of the box, you will find an elegant satin ribbon to help in lifting your box out.

Pick from a variety of ribbin colors to add that personal touch to your keepsake.

Additional Touch To Your Box

Cover Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is an option for creating some eye-catching appearance on your linen box. Pick from a selection of pre-made stamping designs or custom letterpress stamping that allows you to compose up to three lines of text.

- Default Stamping
- Letterpress Stamping
- Custom Stamping
hot stamping handmade box

Default Hot Stamping

custom letterpress stamping handmade box

Custom Letterpress Stamping

Your book will be fully enclosed with this box, keeping your
book clean, dust free and organized.

Best Fit

The Artisan Lift Boxes are an elegant choice for those looking for a coffee table book.
This box also matches well with your wedding album and makes an impressive gift for your loved one.

Create With Your Preference

the artisan lift handmadebox

Artisan Lift Box

the artisan lift handmadebox with usb

Artisan Lift Box + USB

artisan lift handmadebox with usb and dvd

Artisan Lift Box + USB + DVD

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