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Leatherette HD Flush Mount Photo Album

Treat yourself to luxury with our customizable Leatherette HD Flush Mount Album that is hand-bound to the cover.

Our Leatherette HD Flush Mount Album is a treasured heirloom that is a sturdy, high definition quality album that is guaranteed to last a lifetime!

Options include / Orientation, size, cover finishing, paper, pages, endsheet and more.

leatherette hd flush mount photo album best for wedding
leatherette hd flush mount photo album with vivid and bolder color

Vivid and Bolder Colors

Have the colors on your images shine more vividly and true to form! High definition printing brings you the next level of brighter and bolder colors to your images. Your blues, greens and reds will pop and stand out even more than you ever thought possible. Imagine an image of green grass that radiates like it’s real that you want to reach out and touch it. One glance at your image will transport you back to that very same moment in time!

The new HP DesignJet Z9 printer that we use for all our HD Flush Mount Albums has a dual drop technology and 9 HP Vivid Photo Inks to achieve color consistency and accuracy even more! With higher productivity and reduced grain size, we only need 9 different inkjet colors. This creates colors to stand out even more and look life like! The HP Ink even helps to create water and fade resistant prints, helping to not only protect but make sure these images will last you a lifetime.

Sharper and Smoother Images

With our HD Flush Mount Albums, you can now say goodbye to pixelated images and roughness showing up with new, HD technology. Images are now printed so smoothly, allowing every aspect of your picture to be sharper and more life-like. All the noise that usually comes within a printed photo is no longer seen with HD printing. Your HD Flush Mount Album will become not just a memory photo album but also a work of your art.

leatherette hd flush mount photo album print quality in sharper and smoother

Using the HP DesignJet Z9 inkjet printer, every pixel that is printed is now controlled and accurate to the image color with the HP Pixel Control, giving you prints with much deeper colors and finer details. Smoother transitions and sharper images will ignite those memories in an instance.

Higher Elegance and Printed to Endure

With the latest technology that HP have invented, your HD Flush Mount Album is HP guaranteed to last a lifetime! Combined with skilled and traditional, handmade care by us, we want to make sure that this album is nothing but perfection!

inkjet printing technology

Having an Inkjet Printer would not be complete without having the best paper possible to make those images brighter and bolder. Each page is printed on the HP Professional Satin Paper to give you the highest elegance you can have for your album; helping your images to be vivid, true-to-life colors, rich blacks and sharper details. This satin finish offers more depth and clarity to your images, creating a smooth surface showing all the sharp details and more accuracy to that moment in time. Our customers only deserve the very best for those treasured moments that will be passed down to future generations.

Brighter, sharper, and longer lasting, let your photo albums truly represent those moments you had in HD!

Brighter colors, the highest quality paper, and Pixel Control!

leatherette hd flush mount photo album

Size & Orientation

Whether making a square book about you and your special someone, a portrait book to record your everyday adventures, or a landscape book for your wedding photos, you will be sure to find a format that works best for you.

3 Orientations / Sizes (Inches):
Square / 6x6", 8x8" & 10x10"
Landscape / 7x5", 11x8" & 14x10"
Portrait / 5x7" & 8x11"
leatherette hd flush mount photo album in landscape orientation
leatherette hd flush mount photo album in square orientation
leatherette hd flush mount photo album in portrait orientation

Choose a book orientation that best tells your chapter.
Customize a Leatherette HD Flush Mount now.

Luxurious in every way

Nothing Less Than Perfection

HP guaranteed and made to last for a lifetime, each Leatherette HD Flush Mount Album is hand bound in luxurious leatherette. The combination of high definition technology, quality materials, handmade details, and professional binding ensures each book is perfect!

leatherette hd flush mount photo album with seamless visual experience

Seamless Visual Experience

Our special binding technique allows your images to stretch across two full pages when open for a seamless panoramic view with no disruptive seam between the pages.


Ultra-Thick Pages

Extra sturdy pages that do not bend to give your book a sublime quality in finish. Lovingly hand bound for archival quality that stands the test of time.

leatherette hd flush mount photo album with custom ultra thickness option
leatherette hd flush mount photo album with colorful choice of cover

Colorful Leatherette Choice

A texture that looks and feels like genuine leather, but available in an eco-friendly way. Our leatherettes have luxurious grain texture with exceptional durability, available in 8 hand-picked colors.


















jujube new!


azure new!


hyacinth new!


lemonade new!


mandarin new!

Custom Leatherette Cover Debossing

A metal plate is engraved with your custom design will then be heated and stamped into the cover of your photo album, creating an even more personal and one-of-a-kind album.

Pick from a selection of pre-made stamping designs or custom design to make your album even more personal.

Optional Customization /Default debossing, letterpress debossing and custom debossing.

photo album title ideas for couples
Default Debossing
Default Debossing
Enliven your book cover and pick from our pre-made stamp designs that will suit every occasion. This includes the titles 'My Wedding Day', 'Let's Travel', 'Mr & Mrs', 'My Precious' and 'Happy Moments'.
favorite quotes for your photo album
Letter Press Debossing
photo album title ideas for couples
Custom Debossing
Letter Press Debossing

For further personalization, in full capital letters you can have the add-on option of debossing your name, date, text or logo on the cover to create a book as unique as your special memories.

Custom Debossing

Custom debossing allows you to compose and design your cover title. We will have your very own stamp made to order with your words and design. Your book will emanate the whole theme and feel of your beautiful memories by your chosen words.

Top up / Between UDS$15 to USD$40
leatherette hd flush mount photo album great for family photos and memories

Best Fit

Perfect for wedding albums, anniversary, baby book, special occasions, travel or any scenery, landscapes and panoramic photos.

leatherette hd flush mount photo album for wedding
leatherette hd flush mount photo album for mom and bady
leatherette hd flush mount photo album for friends
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