Important Announcement

Notice for Shipping Update

In light of the COVID-19 situation, our government has imposed a nationwide restriction of movement, MCO 3.0, that will be in effect starting 25th May 2021. We would like to highlight that the safety and wellbeing of the people are our utmost priority. Health is the true form of wealth.

We understand that by practicing social distancing, this will help us amid the coronavirus outbreak. We will do our best to follow the Ministry of Health instructions and advice on COVID-19 and encourage everyone to do the same.

In line with the restricted movement order, your orders will still be processed and shipped but at a slower rate of 4 weeks due to shorter working hours to offer the safest and most suitable working environment for our printing team. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during this period.

We will keep you informed over the coming weeks if there are any changes. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during this period.

General Questions

Is it safe to receive a package from any area where COVID-19 has been reported?

Yes, it is safe. There’s no evidence from any previous outbreak that anyone has ever gotten infected from a package.

According to The World Health Organisation (WHO), people receiving packages are not at risk of contracting Covid-19. From previous analysis, due to poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces, there’s likely very low risk of spread from packages that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures.

Safety Tips for Your FlipChap Package

What should you do after receiving the package?

The virus couldn't survive in the long-distance, moved, travelled and exposed to different conditions shipment and conforming to World Health Organization (WHO) the risk of catching the virus from the package is low. You may just dispose the outer layer of the packaging once you receive the package.

Thank you for the support and stay safe!

Love from the FlipChap team