Softcover Photo Books

A portable yet exclusive book that you can easily carry anywhere with you. Our softcover book is wrapped in your chosen photos and finished with either a matte or gloss finish.

Options include / orientation, cover finishing, paper, pages, endsheet and more.

softcover photo books
softcover photo books size and orientation

Size & Orientation

Whether making a square book about you and your special someone, a portrait book to record your everyday adventures, or a landscape book for your wedding photos, you will be sure to find a format that works best for you.

3 Orientations / Sizes (Inches):
Square / 6x6" & 8x8"
Landscape / 7x5" & 11x8"
Portrait / 5x7" & 8x11"
softcover orientation landscape
softcover orientation square
softcover orientation portrait

Choose a book orientation that best tell your story.
Customize a Softcover now.

Easy to Carry Around


Lightweight and flexible! That's exactly how we describe our softcover books. These books have a magazine-like feeling, making it easy to share your special stories with friends and family.
lightweight softcover photo books


flexible softcover photo books


magazine-like softcover photo books


A sleek and modern alternative to treasure and reminisce on your memories. Design your unique softcover straightaway! Make it now.
unique cover design for your softcover photo books

Unique Cover

Choose your favorite photos and design the cover, front and back, of your own exclusive book.
Your personality will embody every softcover book that you create.

Premium Paper

The exquisite memories inside can be printed on either our Premium Silk White, Premium Satin Textured Paper,
Premium Matte Lamination or Premium Gloss Lamination.

Paper /
Premium Silk White

paper type premium silk white for printed hardcover photo books

Paper /
Premium Satin Textured

paper type premium satin texture for printed hardcover photo books

Paper /
Premium Matte Lamination

paper type premium matte lamination for printed hardcover photo books

Paper /
Premium Gloss Lamination

paper type premium gloss lamination for printed hardcover photo books
spine text on softcover photo books showcase unique cover
softcover photo books design with unique cover photo

Showcase your personality on your photobook.

Finish your unique cover with either gloss or matte finished.

softcover photo books with gloss finishing cover
softcover photo books with matte finishing cover
best fit with unique topic for your softcover photo books

Best Fit

This unique book become a portable portfolio for the highlights of your life. Bring this book with you easily and anywhere for anyone you want to share with.

Need a book that can act as your personal portfolio? Our softcover book is your answer. Perfect even for professionals who need an easy, portable portfolio to carry around with on the go!
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