New Year Promotion 2020

new year 2020 promotion

A New Year A New Chapter!

The great beginning of New Year is the perfect time to cherish old memories as you prepare to make a new one. Don't waste precious minutes on your first day of New Year and start personalise your photo book to your love, friends and family. FlipChap have a range of photo book, album, handmade boxes and accessories all made by our creative handcrafted. Make a stellar quality Happy New year photo album that will sure let your photos mesmerise everyone.

Happy New Year and Happy Creating

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  1. This coupon code is valid until 2nd February 2020.
  2. This offer is applicable for one coupon code per customer.
  3. This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offers.
  4. This coupon code is excluding shipping fees.
  5. FlipChap reserves the right to change the terms & conditions without prior notice.