Why Photo Book Is The Best Valentine's Gifts?

the best gift for her this valentine’s day

Valentine's Gift For Her or Valentine's Gift For Him

In this lovely February we are going to celebrate this sweet and warm Valentine's Day with our loved one, many of us will start to think of what is the best Valentine's Gift for boyfriend or girlfriend, what she/ he really wants for Valentine's Day and so on.

She/ He will feel being appreciated if you prepare a gift make it about her/him, specifically. Do not buy gift that same with your friend John or Marrie, create a special, unique and irreplaceable one for your loved one. Some time, She/ He will not really care about how much money you spend for the gift but how much effort or time you spent to prepare this gift for them.

Actions speak louder than words, so don't say, create your special Valentine's gifts now! DIY Gifts for your lover, create a personalized Photo Album for your Valentine which contain so much love, effort and stories of your love journey. He/ she will love you more when they receive this amazing homemade gifts.

Photo album and photo book are best valentine's gifts ideas for him and her

Why Make Photo Book as Valentine's Gifts?

1. Your hand and eyes will love it: Nothing beats print. No matter how advance technology is, you'll never regret to record down the pages of your beautiful life and bind them in a thick and nice book. Flip it, read each chapter of your wonderful life with your husband/ wife or girlfriend/boyfriend and you know it can beat the test of time, It'll be with you forever. It is a perfect gifts for someone special!

2. It'll make you a better photographer: In the process of creating the photo album, you will need to choose photos from your photo gallery and go through all photos taken by you. You will know how to shot or what is the perfect angle of your lover and able to try on new #couplegoal poses!

3. Photo books tell stories: All photos inside the books was taken from different time period, each pages are like different chapters of your life. Sometimes we might forget something interesting happened previously, but photo book able to remind us all those sweet and precious moments. It is also a story book which can pass to your children, tell them a bed story about their parents love story, nothing do better than a photo book to show your children who their parents were and tell them they are one of the part in the story now!

Best Gifts For Boyfriend

Photo book with classic design is the best valentines gifts for him
Photo book with classic design is the best valentines gifts for him

Best Boyfriend Gifts For Valentine's Day

Preparing a special gift for the perfect boyfriend is not an easy task, luckily we have a wide selection of customizable gifts that are bound to make him smile. If you have no idea what to get him for Valentine's Day, classic design photo book with premium quality handcrafted box will be the good choice for you! Simple and classic design is the best choice for boyfriend.

photo book cover color options

Choose The Perfect Colors For Your Man

We offer selection of beautiful color for our Classic Hardcover from subtle to bold to give your keepsake a modern touch. Choose the color that match most with your boyfriend.

Mature and Smart: Grey, Stone, raisin, black
Young and energetic: Rum raisin, maple, pumpkin pie, navy
Calm and Intelligent: Cream, sesame, grante

You are able to choose on the color of End Sheet too.

Customization Options For Photo Book Cover

Classic Hardcover Photo Book + Cameo Cover

If you want something extra than default classic design, you can choose classic hardcover photo book + cameo cover, so that you can have both fabric touching and put your favourite photo on the middle of book cover. You can place the meaningful photo like the first couple photo, first dating place, first kiss or first couple trip on the photo book cover, remind him the first page of the love story.

Linen Cover Flush Mount photo book is best valentine's gifts ideas
imagewrap hardcover photo book with linen fabric material is the best valentines' gifts

Classic Hardcover + Classic Fusion

If you wish to have full page photo on the cover and want to have comfortable fabric touching at the same time, this is your great option! You can choose the most loved photo as the cover page and choose the color of the fabric material! It works well on special theme photo album like "Travel Couple" with all travel photos inside, "Best Christmas" with all Christmas party photos, or "My first year" for baby one year old birthday present. Judge the book by its cover, now you know what book it is by only referring the cover page!

Best Gifts For Girlfriend

imagewrap hardcover photo book with linen fabric material as valentines' gifts

Best Girlfriend Gifts For Valentine's Day

Girl always like gifts that contained love and care, a photo book with all the precious time spent with you will definitely a YES for her! From the picture on cover page to inner page, from the paper quality to the headband color and bookmark ribbon color, choose something special and only for her!

Choose The Favorite Color For Your Girl

"Hi dear, I know you love pink and I choose your photo album bookmark ribbon as pink color!" Put a little more effort in the gift preparation will give your lover a bigger smile on face. Create an unique handmade valentine's gifts for your loved one!

Hardcover photo book ribbon color options
Imagewrap Hardcover photo book with grey artisan lift box

Pair Your Photo Book With A Handmade Box

Girl will always want to organize their belonging especially they will keep all meaningful gifts for years. Photo album with memorable photo wrapped cover page and presenting with 100% handcrafted box are the perfect gifts for her. The Artisan Lift Box is ultimate in both presentation and protection to your keepsake. It is fully handmade, no two exactly alike.

Best Anniversary Gifts

We know some of you are romantic enough to celebrate your wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day and thinking to make your wedding anniversary special. If you are out of idea on what should do for your anniversary, DIY anniversary gift will be a great idea! Time to complete your wedding album for your husband or wife now!

You can decide all details in the project included utilize the Debossing function to create a photo book that is even more personal and fit to your desirable outcome. Anniversary of being together is also a special day for couple! Your love story deserves to be record in a premium quality photo book and this is a good story book to tell your children in the future.

Wedding album and photo book are best Valentine's gifts ideas for him and her
Photo album and photo book are best valentine's gifts ideas for him and her

Best Anniversary gifts for Wife and Husband

Leatherette Photo Album is the best choice to record down the touching moment of saying "Yes, I do". Choose your options from cover leatherette color, mount board, box and more. Debossing function enable you to name your wedding album by Mr & Mrs, My precious, My wedding day and even you can further personalize by debossing your name, date, text or logo on the cover to create a book as unique as your special memories.

Leatherette Photo Album with deboss is perfect for wedding album
Layflat Photo Books with grey artisan lift box is perfect for wedding album

Wedding Album for Bride and Groom

Classic Linen Photo Album is another option for wedding album. Each photo book features a choice of stunning materials wrapped over your most precious moments. The book comes with board-mounted pages and layflat binding, allowing you to fully showcase your images without disruptive seam. Our layflat book is an ultimate keepsake to preserve your wedding day.

Tips To Create Special Valentine's Photo Album

1. Choose the right photos: Select photos like the first date, first kiss, first vacation, honey moon trip or some other photos that contain story and memorable.

2. Words to describe your love: Is there a love song that's special to both of you? Or any words that you want to say to your lover? Use simple words like “I love you” or “You are special to me” to express your love.

3. Give life to your photo book
Design your photo book from front page to the end. Firstly, select the cover page type that you want, if the cover page included photo, choose meaningful photos for both of you. Then choose background, adjust font size and insert special stickers. Insert some meaningful text in the layout but not add in too much words on each page, less is more, keep it simple and only highlight on the important text you have selected. Read again the whole project and click to print it out. Now your Valentine's gifts is ready to celebrate February 14. Your better half will remember you gave them a testament to your love as a gift in this special day!