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Product information
  1. What are the photobook range that you offer?

    We currently offer softcover, classic hardcover, printed hard cover and layflat. Each book available in 3 orientations, portrait, square and landscape.
  2. How long does it take to handmade my photobook?

    The production turnaround time is 5 to 7 days as all books are handmade product that will be made to order.
  3. How do I make a book?

    Go to the "photobook" tab and select your preferable book type. Once you enter into the product page, pick your customization option and hit "Start Creating" button to get started.
  4. What is the maximum and minimum page count for my photobook?

    The maximum number of pages is 120 pages for softcover and hardcover photo books. For Layflat photo album, the maximum pages for 8x11/11x8/8x8/ is 30, while 14x10/10x10 is 20. Both Photo book and layflat photo album must contain a minimum of 20 pages.
  5. What is the difference between Photo book and Photo Album?

    Choosing the right book is very important. To help you find out what product is the best for you, visit the ultimate difference between photo book and album to get complete guide and specific information regarding options available to each product.
  1. How can I check my order status?

    You can sign in to check your order status or view your order history.
  2. Can I make changes to a product after order is placed?

    No unfortunately, you are now allowed to change or edit the content of your book or product once the project has been submitted. Please review your design, images, and text before submitting.
  3. Can I cancel my order?

    If your order has not been sent to print, you may cancel for a refund. To do so, please contact us at However, we are unable to cancel or change an order once it begins producing.
  4. What is your return policy?

    As each book is custom made for you, we do not currently offer returns, exchanges or refunds on handmade book. However, if you are not satisfied with your book, please contact us so we can make things right.
My Account
  1. Do I have to register to order a book?

    Yes, you need to register in order to view your book project and to continue working on it later. You can register yourself here - Register.
  2. How can I create an account?

    To create an account, just click on the "My Account" button in the upper right corner. Here you will find the form to register as a new user. To sign in, click on 'Sign In' to enter your email address and password.
  3. I forgot my password, what do I do?

    Please click "Forgot your password" to reset your password. You will get an email with instructions on how to reset your password and log in.
  4. How can I edit my account details?

    Please sign in to your account and click on "My Details" under "My Account". You will be able to edit your particular.
  1. Do you ship to all countries?

    Yes we do! We delivery our product worldwide.
  2. How much does shipping and handling cost?

    Please refer to shipping information for delivery rate.
  3. How long will it take for my order to ship?

    Shipment times on your order begin after the production times. Please refer to shipping information for more information.
  4. Can I change the shipping address?

    Please contact our customer service to change the address while your order is still in production. Once your order has been shipped, it is no longer possible to change the shipping address.
  5. I haven't received my order, what do I do?

    You will receive a tracking number once your order is dispatched, and you can use this to keep track the parcel status. If you did not receive your package after the expected delivery date, you may contact the designated courier company and quote your tracking number to investigate it further. Alternatively, you can also contact us at with your order number and tracking number.
  6. Do you ship to PO boxes?

    We are unable to ship to any PO Box.
  7. Is the custom tax included in the shipping price?

    No. All the taxation and customs fees levied on the parcel are fully borne by customers. This is due to not all the products will be levied by custom tax and any that are is randomly selected by the custom of respective country.
  1. What form of payment do you accept?

    We accept most credit / debit cards and Paypal. You don't have to register with Paypal in order to pay by credit card.
  2. When am I charged for my order?

    After you have placed your order, your online payment will be charged the moment your order is completed and successful.
  3. How do I use a coupon code?

    If you have one, please enter the coupon code on the checkout screen. The final discounted price will be reflected immediately. Only one code can be used per transaction.
Online Editor
  1. What is the file format to upload?

    Photos need to be in .jpg format. We do not accept CMYK files format as it compromises the print quality, files should be in sRGB profile.
  2. What image resolution should my images be?

    For an acceptable print quality, please use images that are high-resolution, at least 300dpi.
  3. If I'm in the middle of creating a book, can I come back later?

    Yes, once logged in, you can go to 'My Saved Project' under 'My Account', this will return to your last design you were working on. Our Online Editor auto-saves the design every time you make a change, so you can come back to it at any time without losing your work.
  4. Can I add or remove page of my book?

    Yes, pages can be added or deleted in the lower corner during the design process. The maximum number of pages is up to 90 pages for softcover and hardcover books, and 30 pages for Layflat books.
  5. Can I change my book type after creating the book?

    Unfortunately no, once you have selected the book type, you are unable to change book type or book orientation as the different format in book type may affect your design for print production.
  6. Why there is a 'Low Quality Picture' errors in my images?

    Please use a higher quality image or reduce the size of the picture box. For an acceptable print quality, we recommend using image at least 300 dpi.
  7. Is there a maximum image size?

    There is no size limit for images you would like to use in your project.
  8. How many images can I put in a Photobook?

    There is no limit to the amount of photos you would like to use in your project. You will have full control on how you want your pages to look.
  9. Why am I having trouble uploading photos into the editor?

    This can be most likely due to the internet connection. Certain WIFI connections can be quite unstable when uploading photos. Please move your laptop/workstation near to your router or be connected to the internet with the cable instead of using wifi.

    If certain images are not uploading, it could be due to your images being under the CMYK format. Please convert the JPG into RGB color space instead.

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