Top 6 Tips on Creating a Travel Photo Book

There is something magical about traveling. Exploring a new place, an exciting culture, different food to tantalize your taste buds, and the adventures you share with your travel companions to create long-lasting bonds. One of the best elements you take back from your getaway are all the photos you took of your travel experiences, and these are the memories that will last you a lifetime!

Here at FlipChap, we want to help you to bring those flashbacks to life; back to that very moment that was captured into your own keepsake travel photo book. This unique, travel photo album will be a time-treasured item created and told by you!

create your travel photobook during lockdown

Why create a travel photo book?

Besides being able to physically go through all those perfect photos, there are many more reasons for you to create your very own photo book of your travel adventures.

travel photo album

1. More than just a photo book

Your travel book can also become your personal journal for you to treasure for a lifetime. It can be your way of telling a story, together with beautifully written text or stickers that can accompany your photos. Your memories will not only be remembered for your lifetime but to your future generations.

2. Inspire your peers

With a travel photo book to pass onto future generations, this can also help to inspire those younger than you to go on their own travels or to walk in the very footprints you did all those years ago.

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create your travel coffee table book

3. Beautiful décor

Travel photo books are known as being one of the best coffee table books to be displayed and what better book to show proudly then your very own travel stories.

4. Compact and convenient to share

Not everyone is online these days and there may be people you want to share your experiences with, especially if they are your grandparents. Having a travel photo book will allow you the ease to bring it with you during your next family gathering. The perfect way to not only tell but to show your travel experiences.

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It’s all the little moments that make life a big adventure

Travel Photo Book Inspiration

With creating any photo book, we all need tips and tricks to help us to inspire ideas on how to combine all these photos together in one book. We know this can be a daunting task, therefore we wanted to help to inspire you to feel more excited about creating your personalized book.

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1. Your Travel Photos

A travel photo album is about sharing those stories you had throughout your magnificent trip. From the time you were packing your bags and heading out to the airport (anyone think of Joey in FRIENDS shouting “London Baby!”), all the way to landing back safely home (sweet home). To tell your story in order, we recommend going through your photos and filtering out your favorites.

The key to having a beautiful photo album is to try and not place every photo you have into it, otherwise they may get lost in translation.

left picture alt text: tips for travel photo books
picture alt text: best tips for your travel photo album

As tempting as it is, we recommend a maximum of 18 photos per spread (2 pages) for a photo book

And a maximum of 9 photos per spread (2 pages) for a layflat photo album.

left picture alt text: tips for travel photo books
picture alt text: best tips for your travel photo album

As tempting as it is, we recommend a maximum of 18 photos per spread (2 pages) for a photo book

And a maximum of 9 photos per spread (2 pages) for a layflat photo album.

Once you have these favorites, you can easily group them up to get your story flow and travel photo book template to work on.

2. Telling your day-to-day adventure

when in rome

The easiest way to group your photos is to not only number them, but to also have them in separate folders titled ‘Day One’, and so forth. In our editor, you can add in cute stickers and meaningful text that showcases that particular day but also highlights a particular catch phrase that was possibly said during that exact moment, such as “How breath-taking is that sunset!” or “Chilling under the starry sky!”.

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These small yet significant details will help you to not only take you back to that moment, but also helps you to tell your loved ones about your amazing vacation.

3. Themed Vacation

These themes will tell your story on its own through your fantastic images for everyone you show too. You’ll be re-living those daily flashbacks with great ease!

look back on your vacation photos

If you prefer to have certain themed photos all grouped together that feels more like your travel blog, we recommend choosing your theme captions to help you to group the photos together. A few examples of themes can be “Captured Sunsets”, “Amazing New Friends”, “Exotic Animals and Sea Creatures,” to name a few.

4. Travel Map

create a travel map in a photo book

For those travel junkies out there, perhaps you went to more than one destination during your holiday and the best way to showcase it is through a travel map. For all those cross-country road trips, cruises, and to island hopping adventures, a travel map with key location photos will truly help you to showcase your entire journey you embarked on as well as the perfect way to plan out the next trip to the unknown!

5. Travel Album Name Ideas

Having a title for your travel photo book is a great way to start of the beginning of your journey.

travel album name ideas for photo book covers

A few suggestions for the perfect caption we have, besides the destination name, are:-

-Summer Vacation
-Favorite Family Vacation
-Trip of a Lifetime
-Birthday Getaway
-Girl’s Trip
-Weekend Getaway
-Dream Holiday
-Winter Wonderland
-BFF Road Trip
-Beach Hideout
-Self Care Holiday
-Our Disney Adventure
-Exciting Adventure

Reliving your past adventures transports you back to those moments

Year 2020

Let’s be honest, 2020 has been a really difficult and challenging year for all of us and, most likely, a lot of our travel plans have been cancelled. But we want to share with you a tip that has personally helped us to get through our lockdown days. It was reliving our past travels.

If you are like us, most likely the travel pictures have been sitting either on your phone, in the cloud or backed up on a hard drive and completely forgotten about. Going through our lockdown made us finally have the time to go through those old photos and it was a wonderful feeling to be reliving all those special moments.

finally print all your photos while stuck at home
share your travel photos with your family

Even more exciting is after the photo book arrived, now whenever we want to reminisce those fun adventures, we simply flip through our handmade chapters and get sent to that same moment in time! It truly helped to transport us during this difficult year. More adventures will come; don’t let the previous ones slip by.

Let your travel memories come to life for you reminisce and share with your loved ones! FlipChap travel photo albums will truly last you a lifetime!