Upload PSD Files for your Books

This page is for book makers ceating PSDs with Adobe Photoshop. Online editor users, please create your book at product page and click here.

1 / Download PSD Template

Choose book type, either hardcover or layflat template to proceed. Choose the correct dimension for files.


The artwork specifications listed below are the latest.
Please refrain from using older versions to avoid unnessary complications.

All freebies are not applicable to this option

2 / Guidelines

Some guidelines for creating print-ready PSD files. Guideline will be included in the template zip file.


- Choose the correct book type & dimension of template files
- Only create your book with the downloaded file to avoid dimensions to be changed
- Bleed Area - ensure your background design or image is extended to the edge of this red line for a full page spread with no borders.
- Fold Area/Trim Area - This is the finished size of your book. Anything left outside this box may be trimmed.
- Safe Zone - Keep your images, text, shape and path, etc. within this area.
- Submit an even number of pages


- Files must have an even number of pages, with a inner page cover, following by two-page view. End with single page.

For professional user

3 / Artwork Submission

Ready to submit?
Please send your print-ready PSDs files to: