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About Us

Our Logo

"The logo design featured a flipping pages in blue, pink and yellow color, with a black bookmark inside the pages."

The four colors on the logo symbolize the CMYK color model that represents the primary colors used in book printing. The colorful pages imply different chapters in our life and the bookmark is intended to convey the meaning to always remember the journey.

Our Name
The Meaning Behind It

"Your life story are made up of chapters of memories. Flipchap is more than just a name, we bring your memories to life, compile your life story, and allow you to flip the chapters of your life in your hands."

How We Started

Do you remember those old fashioned photo prints of you which were taken by your parents during the days of film? Nothing feels better than holding these prints in your hands and reminiscing about some of the best memories of your life as years go by.
Being a part of this digital age, we went from printing photos to storing them on smartphone or sharing them online. All too often, once stored, these photographs tend to get lost.

Lost memories are expensive. We love the idea of a book, and we believe printing photos is the only way of bringing them back to life again. All we want is you to share real memories and experience the burst of happiness not only on your gadget, but in your hands.

What We Do

We want to create a place people can use to capture the current moment and make a beautiful book that marks every chapter in your life, years and years. We want to provide a special home for your memories, a tangible way to relive them, bringing them to the physical world.

Photobooks are solid, sturdy, sharable and enduring, capturing your special moment in something which you can share, keep or even physically touch and feel the memories you've taken.

"We do our part to revive the old fashioned idea of printing photos. Because we believe that there's absolutely no getting away from the fact that when you print photos you greatly feel the emotions of that instant in time as if it happened yesterday."

Our Inspiration

We want people to always remember the moment, and a bookmark brings a beautiful meaning in remembering where something is. That's why we make a very special bookmark for you to place in your own book and keep your favorite moment in life marked.

Together, we think our photobook along with bookmark will matter to our customers for years to come, a book that is worthy of those precious memories, and a book we think people will remember long.