Photo book as the Best and unique Bridesmaids gift idea!

Wedding ceremony takes up a day, relationship last a lifetime, and the bridesmaids were there helping tirelessly for months before you swear an oath at the altar.

They are the one; to help you plans the wedding ceremony on every single details, from the venue decor to sourcing gifts for the guests.

They are the one; throwing support at every stage, from finding the best dress, to the emotional support for that one important day.

They are the one; holding your dress, remind you to eat your meal, and making sure you are at your best appearance during wedding at all time.

From pre-wedding to the actual day, they were there for you the whole time with an in-exhaustible bridesmaid’s duty list.

If this is a bridesmaids movie, they will be among the main characters not the sidekicks. In fact they are the one making sure the bride to be the shiniest women on the wedding day. In your heart you know, behind you the sister team is your backbone, besides your family.

The entire bridesmaid scenes with the bride, will be among the most memorable and unforgettable, it worth to be printed and keep for a lifetime. Keep one for the bride and one for each of the them, the best and most unique bridesmaids send-off gift ever.

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Photos that remind the best bridesmaids moments

Photograph help to preserve the best moment in our life

Photograph help to preserve the best moment in our life, print a bridesmaid photo book, to immortalize this memory. It has recorded all the best bff moments that only happen once in a lifetime. These are the best photos and memory shared among you and your bridesmaids. Do you remember what is the most touching deeds your bridesmaids has ever done for you?

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bridemaid photo book cover with gold stamping foil

Present this as a gift to each of your lovely bridesmaid, and surprise them!. Do you remember all these crazy moments, that we had together? These are the special moments that belongs only to us, the entire team of sisters. Surely, there are a lot of photos that shows the faces that we have never show to the world before, that is our most nervous facade, craziest and wildest. Because before every major occasion, there are always other heart touching or wrenching moments.

It’s unique, and belongs only to us, the sister team!

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Show your appreciation to your lovely bridesmaid, send them the photo books that recorded the most meaningful moments, that lasted for a number of endless months.

Tips of photos to print in Bridesmaids photo book

1. Wardrobe moments

For the sisters team, one of the best and most headache moment ever is the bridesmaids wardrobe moment! How many have you put on before finalizing the one for the entire team? It has to match the bride, but not overtaking it. The best match to the worse, perhaps you could print these, it’s an experience worth remembering. Lane to lane, street, to street, the wardrobe moment also among the most tiring. It could take up the whole day, many days, it feels like a trip with plenty of coffee breaks and heart to heart talks!

These are the very close moments, that you have spent with your bridesmaids, there are a lot of laughter and shopping too! Plenty of wefie, or sneaky and funny shots of each other. Don’t show to the world though, only for the sisters.

bridemaid very close moment with bridal

2. Trips moments

Bridesmaids and friends are the one to accompany you to complete your journey as a single lady, literary your last trip as a person with a single status. Certainly, there’s a lot of crazy moments that non of you would want to forget, in fact one of your biggest treasure to keep. The last moment, before they send you off for another stage of your life, maturing into a married person. Perhaps, you may have snap some photos with tears and traces of melted mascara during the trip too. Need some advice on the trip location?

trips moment bridal with bridemaid

3. Bachelorette party

Last party as a single lady? Not necessarily have to be the wildest gathering, but could be a moment to wash away all the mind-wrecking worries and anxiety with a lots of love and hugs. Here they are, the bridesmaid showering you with champagne and tequila, performing the rites of passage into the path of marriage-hood.

bachelorette party

Other than this, what else you and your sisters have done? If you are going to print it, it’s better to keep it among the whole sister team only. Plan the bachelorette party ahead, for the best experience!

4. Rehearsal moments

This is the moment! It’s not the actual wedding day, but this is the one your bridesmaids are going to wrap up for you. If they’re going to be some errors, it has to be today.

Things can either go awry or funny, do you remember how was it during the rehearsal? Look at their face, you can see how meticulous they are on making sure that the best effect will be in place on the actually day.

rehearsal moments bridemaid

Although, they are only at the backdrop, it’s the bride responsibility to remember and celebrate it.

bride celebrate party bridal

5. Wedding day

This is the day all of us have prepared for, those endless and sleepless nights. Those nights that causes the bride and bridesmaids eyes turning puff and dark, are the effort to make today the best day for the bride. We often heard of this, the brides dress is too bulky, bridesmaid have to hold on it all the time! Even taking a meal is difficult, and bridesmaid are the one to feed the bride too! Oh, the restroom time, we better don’t go into there, and best not to print any photos in the restroom!

wedding day bridemaid party
This will be the part where they are there to make the bride shines, while they remain in the backdrop. Showing this to the bridesmaids could send their eyes flowing with tears, because they are touched that you truly appreciate them. You can also feature some of these photos in the wedding album too!
Now that you know how important they are to you for the wedding occasion,
have you show your love and appreciation to them?
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Even if it’s a year or ten years ago, it isn’t too late to send them a copy now. In fact, it’s the best gift, as it shows that you still remember those moments. Those were the unique moments for the entire sister team.

Belongs to you and your bridesmaids only.
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