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Personalize Your Photo Books With Custom Options

Make your photo book extra special and personal by adding the perfect touch to your keepsake. We've got an assortment of different customization options for you to choose from, so you can create a unique and personal combination from the cover right down to the last detail.

Options include /cover book type, cover finishing, paper selection, end sheets, ribbons and presentation box

Printed Cover

Choose your favorites to be displayed and printed on both the front and back cover of the book. Your cover will be printed exactly how you design the layout of your photos. A beloved choice for all as it serves as an imaginative and personalized souvenir for any occasion.

Options /default printed, cameo, classic fusion and leatherette fusion

perfect wedding photo for your photo album cover
Classic Fusion (Linen)

Cover Types Options

There are many ways that you can display your favorite image! The cover is the start of telling your story and we want you to tell it your way. Your image can be the main star on its own, framed beautifully by stunning material, or fused together by your chosen material

printed hardcover photo book
Printed Cover
DIY your anniversary present
the perfect wedding album
Leatherette Fusion
An imaginative and personalized souvenir for any occasion

Leatherette Cover

Our leatherette cover gives a luxurious, sturdy texture. Featuring 13 hand-picked colors from bright to dark tones, these leathers with on-trend colors are a perfect combination for preserving your most treasured moments.

Options /default, premium soft padding, premium thick padding and premium luxe padding

Cover Types Options

Choose from 4 luxurious different types of Leatherette Covers and let your cover be a grand beginning for your album. The different types depends on the type of padding you would like to have your album cover wrapped with. Whether it be soft, luxe or thick, we have the right cover you will love!

your wedding day photo album
Premium Soft Padding
leatherette layflat photo album
Default Leatherette
wedding album design
Premium Thick Padding
premium and luxury layflat wedding album
Premum Luxe Padding

Colorful Leatherette Choice









Luxurious Touch For Your Precious Memories

Linen Cover

A strong, durable linen fabric; making it ideal for all types of occasions. We offer a selection of 29 beautiful colors for our Classic Hardcover from subtle to bold to give your keepsake a modern touch.

Options /default, premium thick padding, cameo, and classic fusion

linen photo book

Cover Types Options

We want you to have your favorite type of cover you’re your photo book and we offer 4 gorgeous different types of Linen Covers. Choose to have padding for your book to make it more firm or whether you want your linen material wrapped together with your favorite photo.

photo album ideas
Classic Fusion
photo album design
Premium Thick Padding
frame front photo album

Colorful Linen Choice


















maple new!

smoke new!

ocre new!

rum raisin new!

evergreen new!

cocoa new!

granola new!

amethyst new!

caribbean new!

Amp up your baby book with these unique color selection

icing cupcake new!

pumpkin pie new!

Luxurious in every way

Cover Finishing

A good-looking book starts with the right cover. We offer two finishes, gloss and matte lamination for printed cover. While matte lamination offers a professional and elegant finish, the gloss finish makes the colors of your photos pop with a beautiful sheen!

Options /matte finish, gloss finish

photo album ideas
Classic Fusion
photo album design
Premium Thick Padding
Matte Finish
Natural soft matte
Gloss Finish
Vibrant reflective sheen

Paper selections

We care about our books from the inside out.

The Premium Silk White paper is our standard photo book paper for quality print results, giving a soft and smooth finish with a hint of gloss.
The Premium Satin Textured paper has a subtle texture which adds depth and richness to your images, giving them a professional finish. Even better, these are resistant to fingerprints.

Paper Options /premium silk white, premium satin textured, premium matte lamination and premium gloss lamination

Premium Satin Textured
photos come to life in a photo book
Premium Silk White
The Premium Matte Lamination paper gives a professional and elegant finish to your photos.
The Premium Gloss Lamination paper allows the colors in your photos to really pop out and adds a beautiful sheen to the finish.

Top up / +USD15 for every 20 pages
print your professional photos
Premium Matte Lamination
gloss lamination paper
Premium Gloss Lamination
Customize every detail of your photo book

Custom Leatherette Cover Debossing

To make a wedding book truly yours, we offer deboss option to perfectly add that special and personal touch.

For the debossing, a metal plate is engraved with your custom design that is heated and stamped into the leatherette cover of your book, creating a book that is even more personal and one-of-a-kind.
Custom letterpress allows you to compose up to three lines of text. Title your cover with your favorite quote or meaning. This option is also great if your photo album is a gift.

Optional Customization /default and custom cover debossing and custom letter press

photo album title ideas for couples
Default Debossing
favorite quotes for your photo album
Custom Letter Press Debossing
Default Debossing
Custom Letter Press Debossing
Custom Debossing

Debossing design can be applied on leatherette book covers and leatherette handmade boxes only.

Top up / Between UDS$15 to USD$40

Custom Cover Hot Stamping

Hot stamping allows you to add a unique touch to your printed or linen photo book cover as well as your handmade box. Add a personal touch to create a treasured item that is uniquely yours with your perfect title.
Custom letter press allows you to compose up to three lines of text. Use your favorite quote, dates or names to further personalize the cover.

Optional Customization /default and custom stamping and custom letter press

photo album title ideas for couples
On Printed Cover
personalize your photo album
On Classic Cover
Default Stamping
Custom Letter Press Stamping
Custom Stamping

Stamping design can only be applied on both Printed/Classic Linen book covers and both printed/classic box covers.

Top up / Between UDS$15 to USD$40

End sheets

These sheets are the first and last pages of your book, which allows the attaching of the book pages to the book cover.
Pick from a range of 9 different colors to match your book design.

Color Options /





fully customize your photo book
customize your photo album
DIY your photo book


The headbands are not only for decorative purpose, they also have the traditional function of protecting the spine edges of your photo album. Multiple color choices are available to match your design or cover of your hardcover and layflat photo album.

Color Options /




fully customize your layflat photo album
customize your photo album
DIY your photo book


customize ribbons for your photo book

Bookmarking your life chapters

Add that elegant addition to your book with our ribbon. The chosen ribbon color will be used to craft a bookmark and a thoughtful ribbon to pull and lifts the book out of the handmade box. It is available in a range of 12 colorful options for a personalized creation.

Color Options /

Mounting Board

To make a stylish statement for you layflat photobook, our mounting board is available in black and white. Keep it classic with the white color, or add a professional touch with the black color. The combination of color will definitely give a more exclusive finishing to your book.

Color Options/ black and white
mounting board for layflat photo album
fully customize your layflat photo album

Handmade Presentation Box

Our handmade presentation boxes are a beautiful way to present and store your keepsake.

We offer customizable options with different materials and colors for the box, so you can make a handmade box that is truly yours. Each handcrafted presentation box is individually tailored to fit your photo book or album beautifully with a print lift ribbon making retrieving prints simple.

Options /Artisan Lift Box, Modern Flip Box, Pandora Slide Box and Flexi Slipcase /p>

Handmade box to compliment your photo album