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What brings more love, laughter and delight than our furry friend? Pets become our companions, our best friends and our family. They grow up with us, play with us, listen to us and give us unconditional love and affection. We love them, and they love us — or so we assume, and this special relationship deserves to be cherished. If you have a bunch of photos of your furry friends, why not create a photo book that will help capturing your pet in a way that frames that moment forever and share it with your family. Creating your very own pet photo book from their first days in their new home to how they look now is a real joy. It’s amazing to see how much growing they can do in a year. Plus, your animal-loving heart will be melting just looking of all this cuteness.
pet photo books

What photos to Include in a Pet photobook

cute kitten photo

1. Photos of their growth.

They grow and change so much in a year, it is good to include your favorite photo of your pet from baby to adult to keep up with all of the special moments and milestones.

2. Birthday

A great way to show your furkids some love is to throw a birthday 'paw-ty'. You will definitely get tons of adorable pictures to include in the book with every birthday party you have thrown for your beloved pet.

dog birthday
dog photo book ideas

3. Childhood bond

A child’s bond with their pet is incredibly special, so make sure you capture this special bond of your child with his first play pal. This will create a treasured keepsake for your family and can be shared with your children, letting them to look back on their childhood photos as they get older.

4. Include mementos

Anything that can be easily pasted or scanned can be included in the book, such as paw prints. You can also include ticket stubs, meaningful greeting card messages, and your first family holiday card.

pet memorial photo book

Little moments become tomorrow's precious memories

Why You Start Creating a Pet Book

1. Honor The Memory

Today's little moments become tomorrow's precious memories. Pets have shorter lives than human. The time we can spend with our beloved furry friend is shorter than we desire and these precious moments are meant to be cherished and honored even when they leave us to pet's heaven.

lovely puppy
lovely cat
pets honor the memory
2. Keep track of their milestones

Those precious few months where your pet is small and squeezable are the most treasurable memories. Our furry friends grow up faster than you imagine and with each passing year every change and look is remarkable. That’s why it’s important to capture the special moments grow from newborn to old age along the way with a photo book, so you can freeze every moment forever.

3. Everyone's favorite family member

Our furry little friends are more than just pets; they are part of our family members that bring so much love and laughter to our household. The memories you make with your furry friends are some of the best you have. So it’s important for us to preserve the memory in time the two of you shared in a way that they deserve.

4. Physically archiving your images

All pet-lovers have certain things in common. We all have phone filled with photos of our adorable pet whether it’s their cute head tilts, or unintentionally strikes an adorable pose. However, storing photo in phone is never a great storage solution. Get those photos off your phone and into the world with a printed photo book that can be enjoyed at any time, and share it with your family and friends! This way you’ll never worry about losing precious memories again.

pet memorial photo book
5. Great gift for pet lovers

Pet photo books make thoughtful presents for animal lovers. Who does not like looking at photographs of our beloved pets? Customize the photo book with a compilation of all the cute photographs of their pet, your recipient will be happy to receive and proud to show off - win-win!

Choose the Perfect Book Orientation :

custom pet photo book
custom made a pet photo book

Portrait Orientation

If you have a lot of portraits, then the portrait orientation might be best for you. The portrait style photo book is the best way to show off photo collage and texts, it will look even amazing on layflat pages.

The best book type for Pets:


If you are obsessed with your pet too much, create a custom magazine just for your pet and carry the heart of them with you. The cover can be fully personalized with your own photo. Softcover is very economical to create but also very flexible.

cute rabbit photos


The book cover is the first thing everyone else will see. If you prefer hardcover, there are two cover types to compliment your pet photo book.

make a pet photo book

I. Printed Cover

Design the book cover with the best photo of your furkid to create a great impression with your cover. Printed cover is covered with a full-bleed image that spans the front, back, and spine of the book.

gloss paper for photo books

Gloss cover finishing

Our pets bring us so much joy, and to portray that sense of happiness, gloss cover is an amazing choice. Gloss cover gives your photos a livelier and joyful feels, which matches perfectly with adorable pet photos inside. Plus, they are outstanding at producing vibrant color finish.

photo book for pet
special linen for photo books

II. Linen cover

Linen cover exudes such a heartwarming mood to your book. With a great selection of linen colors to choose from, you can express the personality of your pet in a different style.

Linen Color Selection

These beautifully handcrafted boxes are available in array of material and colors to pick from. Wrapped by hand, covered in your choice of linen and fabric materials





















Bright and subtle color invokes feelings of enjoyable connection and happiness. Subtle colors like ginger, sand, beige, hazelnut,
ocre and pumpkin pie are warm, inviting, and cheerful colors that excite people to look inside.

Enhance your Book Cover

cute rabbit photos

Classic Fusion

Can’t decide the cover? You can also upgrade it to our Classic Fusion cover. What gives an idea is that you can customize the cover with your favorite photos but get to pick a range of linen colors for the book spine.

handmade box

Personalize a photo album for your pet!

Handmade Box

There's nothing to keep your pet book from looking perfect all year long with our custom-made box. The handmade boxes are fully customizable to your own desires. Or, more importantly, your pet's desires.

The Flexi Slipcase

Pets have a particular place in our hearts and we enjoy having their pictures on our desk or shelf! Designed to make the books stand up on its own, our slipcase are artisan made using linen, adding a modern touch to your photo book.

handmade box for photo books
pet photo album with handmade box

Cameo Flexi Slipcase

If you have a printed book, a Cameo Flexi Slipcase is an amazing compliment to the hardcover as it exposes the front cover of your book, so you can proudly display the favorite photo of your pet on your desk or shelf in a unique way.

Custom Letterpress

Custom Letterpress

Our hot stamping option is a perfect way to make a remarkable impression. Make your Classic Linen hardcover photo book extra special by personalizing with your pet’s name on the front cover. You can include up to three lines of custom texts.

custom pet photo album
We think that's the amazing thing about pet photo book; it can bring you back to those precious moments,
to bring back the emotions we experience at a particular moment in our lives.

Personalize it with your pet's details

What it takes to become a good animal photographer?

Love and passion towards animal photography

About Samantha

Samantha is an animal photographer since 2009. Based in California and she grew up in Kentucky. She always has had a passion for animals, and was automatically drawn to the veterinary field. While loving what rewards come from being a veterinary technician, she wanted to express more of her artistic side. Animal photography gives her the best of both worlds.

Check out her website at

about samantha
I love to be able to convey the beauty of a bond between an animal and their person without using one word
Samantha, she is the fantastic example of animal photographer. Samantha started portrait photography in 2009 as a hobby and fell in love with this field.
I fell in love with how I was able to bring my creative side and love for animals together. About 6 years ago, I began to take it more seriously, and started photographing for horse farms in Kentucky. Which I loved. I branched out a bit more into companion animals a few years ago, and they are just as fun to photograph
I branched out a bit more into companion animals a few years ago, and they are just as fun to photograph. I really enjoy photographing senior animals. There is nothing that gives me such an honor than to be the photographer a person chooses to forever memorialize their friend of many years.
The stories they share during the session are all very special and touching. And for me being able to give them something that will forever commemorate their best friend is beyond words.
Samantha moved to California, she officially launched Steed and Hound Photography, and have not looked back!
pet photo album with handmade box

Choose the best image by narrowing down the most stunning images to commemorate their “best friend” beyond words.

This is a very difficult process, not physically, but because there are so many great images. I want to share them all, but also do not want to put others in the same situation. I want it to be fun for them, so I will take on the task of narrowing down to the best images. These ways they are guaranteed a classic and stunning piece of wall art they can enjoy for decades

Photographing animal is different from photograph people. It overcomes a different challenge, language and connection.

The best printing is very important to your clients experience.

Printing as a medium is one of the most meaningful way that you can enjoy photography and represent you as a professional photographer. Samantha always considers the highest caliber printer for her client’s masterpiece.
For me, the biggest challenge is after the session, when the photo selection begins. During an average session, anywhere from 100-500 photos can be shot, and I will narrow it down to the 25-50 for the gallery.
I offer many different styles to display, this allows for my client to get exactly what they want for their space. I make sure to only work with the highest caliber printers, so I can guarantee they will be 100% satisfied with the quality.
best printing of pet book
FlipChap swatch kit
This allows them no stress in quality of prints on any medium, and then they know once the images are selected they will have an heirloom that will be cherished for many years to come
FlipChap has assisted my photography business with this because they supply lay-flat albums of high quality. Due to the wide selection of options from FlipChap, ranging from cover layout to material, I can ensure the client orders exactly what they want.
I have a couple 20 page studio samples and the swatch kit, by being able to show these items during my session reveal, the client feels comfortable they will receive a lay-flat album that will be high quality and something they will love to show off.
handmade box
I offer multiple size lay-flat albums all is from FlipChap for clients that want a stunning coffee table book they can show to their family and friends

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