Creating A Special Memorial Photo Album For Loved Ones

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult times of our lives that we can go through, but their memory and stories will always remain dear to our hearts. Being able to go through all the photos of them, all those wonderful memories, is a great way to celebrate the life they had. Creating a memorial photo book for a loved one can be an emotional task, but we at FlipChap want to help you through this difficult time in order to truly create a book to remember and a lovely way to honor your loved one.

A memorial photo book will help you to preserve those precious moments you can share with your family and friends to look back on this fantastic journey your beloved had. This can also be an important way for everyone to come together and heal. Sharing stories of those that have passed on, whether they are sad or funny, can help you as a supportive group to grieve. Through our memories, stories we tell, and photos we share, the legacy they left behind will always live on.

memorial photo book for lost loved ones

How to start creating a memorial photo book

The first step is always the hardest step and when it comes to creating a memorial photo book specifically, it will be emotional. Always remember your initial intention of why you are creating this album in the first place. To create a beautiful tribute album in their honor that showcases their life and once you see the final outcome, it will all have been worth it! We promise you this!

looking through old photos

Gathering All The Photos

First of all, you want to decide on the different moments of time you want to showcase. This will help you to gather photos and information needed to create this photo book. If you are like us, we are sure you have a ton of photos yet we can't fit everything!

Specially Made For Them

Especially if you prefer a Layflat Photo Album, having less photos will help the album to look more elegant. The memorial album is describing their whole life’s journey; the dash line that is in between the birth and death date. Deciding which chapters you will showcase can help to choose a specific time or moment to highlight instead.

wedding photo of the family

Continue their legacy with a book of remembrance

Chapters of life

There are a lot of chapters we can choose but we recommend to feature between 5-8 chapters depending on which type of photo book or photo album you are choosing and the number of pages.

looking through old photos
my wedding day
retirement plans

Childhood Highlights

Falling in Love

Travel Adventures

More examples of chapters you can feature:-

• College highlights • Starting a family • Friends for life

• Passionate about hobbies • Pet lover

Once you have these themes, gathering and choosing from the array of photos will be much easier for you and will also help you to not worry about the specific time of your loved ones life. They can all be grouped together in this one chapter. Don't feel like you have to showcase these titles in the book itself. Whilst you can if you want, these titles are more to help you group the photos.

Once you have these favorites, you can easily group them up to get your story flow and travel photo book template to work on.

Digitalizing old photos

We understand that you may need to digitalize older photos and we suggest to have these photos properly scanned into your computer to make sure the quality of the pictures, especially the brightness and colors, remain as intact as possible. For scanned photos, they can be featured in the photo albums but it is best if they remain as smaller photos as enlarging them too much may cause them to be too blurry.

scanning old photos

Once you have your chosen photos, we recommend to organize them into the chosen chapters and this will be easier to upload the folders into our editor to begin creating.

special hot stamping for memorial photo book

Personalized Title

Whether this memorial book will displayed at the funeral, given as a gift to a family member, or a special book of remembrance for yourself to treasure, having a unique title on the cover will make it more personal.

Together with your loved one's name, it is common to also place their birth date and death anniversary as mentioned earlier. You can add a more personal title, such as 'In Loving Memory', 'Always Loved, Never Forgotten', 'Memories of Mum/Dad' or simply yet beautifully put 'I Miss You'.
tribute photo books

Paying Tribute To Your Loved One

Adding your loved ones photo on the cover can also make it more personal and special. By choosing either our cameo or fusion covers, you can showcase both the best picture of them and adding a Hot Stamping title.

handmade box to store memorial photo books

Personalized Handmade Box

If you want to have more than one personalized title, we recommend having the personal title, such as 'In Loving Memory' on a Handmade Box. This way, you can place their name and the dates on the actual photo book itself as well and the handmade box will keep the album more safe and secured to last for future generations to see.

Special Messages

Hearing stories about those that have passed on from others can help you to learn more about them, especially when it is a new story. It can show just how much of an impact they made on others and even though they will be dearly missed, the memory will always live on.

remembering old photos of lost loved ones

We recommend to leave a few empty pages at the end of the photo book for those that wish to leave messages or to write their stories there. Especially if the memorial book is also the funeral guest book. This will create a special space for these memorable messages to be looked upon with fondness.

Extra Tips when creating the Remembrance Book as a Gift

Creating a memorial photo book as a gift for your family members or those that have lost a loved one recently will truly be the best gift for them during this difficult time. It becomes a piece of their loved one that they can treasure for years to come.

Extra Tips #1

Words of Comfort

If you are creating a Hardcover Photo Book, you can dedicate the first page for a simple message to the person who is receiving the photo book. This can help to set the tone for the recipient and to know that even though times are sad, you are still there to help them through this.

special messages for those who have lost someone
in loving memory memorial quotes
Extra Tips #2

Memorial Quotes

For a Layflat Photo Album, the special message can be next to a beautiful photo of the departed that captures their very essence will be a wonderful way to start of the beginning of this memorial photo album.

Extra Tips #3

Special Gift for the Family

Creating more than one tribute photo book can take more time to arrange. To help you with this task, you can simply 'Duplicate' your project and edit a few of the photos plus the first page message with ease. This can help you to save time yet allow you to further personalize this special album.

remember your parent memories together with your siblings

Create your memorial photo book today!

remembering grandparents

Those that we have lost will never be fully gone or forgotten. Their memory will always live on through stories and photos that are showcased in a carefully cared for and created by you remembrance book.